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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Chapter 14: Fortuitous Union

"I feel good, parararara... YESSS!," That Ayo expressing his joy. He was interrupted by a call, it was Yusrah.

Immediately after picking the call, she said with her sweet voice; "salamu alaykum."

"Walaikumussalam, how was your night"

"It was splendid. You know what?"


"I had never been as happy as the way I'm nw"

"Not only you dearie, my joy knows no bound." she smiled and said;

"Same here, so when will you tell your family about the development"

"Ahhh... That when you finally agree to be the mother of my children"

"Gush... you almost caused me a heart attack, I had already now" she said in a shy tone.

"Ok, I will do that as soon as possible, I need to attend to an issue nw, love yha"

"I love you more," she said and ended the call smiling.

Ayo told his family about the development. They ran a background check on Yusrah's family, they accepted to go and ask for her hand in marriage.

The day came and they selected the most respected members of the family to represent them. After performing all the rites to be performed during introduction, they agreed on a date for wedding and accepted to do it the islamic way since the bride is a muslim and preparation for the wedding kick started.

The marriage day was a hive of activities. It was a ceremonial display of cultural richness and values. The representatives from the two families were sitting opposite to each other with the imam at the center.

The representatives from Ayo's family presented gifts and the Imam told Yusrah family the implication; if they collect them, they had given their consent to the marriage.

They collected it and the imam pronounce Ayo and Yusrah husband and wife. The two different person from different background and of different religion had been wedded, love to them is what matters most and the union can be said to be an unexpected Union.

Chapter 13: Fortuitous Union

"Yes come in, ku shigo," said Alhaji in his sitting room. Nine armed men and one unarmed entered.

"Good day sir," said the unarmed man.

The unarmed man is the leader of the group, he is tall and huge, he wore a suit and looks as smart as James Bond. His eye glasses expose his red eye balls, the way he stands shows authority.

"We are men from the senosa corruption commission (SCC)," he said.

"we are here in relation with the charges of illegally keeping Fasaab inc properties and important file in your possession. With me here is a search warrant from the commission giving us the right to search this house and your second house since all effort to sort this out proved abortive." The leader of the group was interrupted by Alhaji.

"What nonsense, you stand in my from with this paper you call a warrant? You must be joking see, tell your boss my house is my house and I reserve the right to tell who enters. Now get out," he said pointing at the door.

The leader said smiling;

"you see, the game is up now you, pointing at one of his men," read his rights for him.

The read it as follows; you reserve the right to remain silent for anything you say or do will be used against you in the law court.

Alhaji was handcuffed while the leader of the men from SCC asked them to search the house. They came back saying they could find nothing. Alhaji now looking furious and disgraced said: I promise you, you wouldn't get away with this. He was taken away to his second house.

The second house was where AY was kept. The house is very big and beautiful, no one lives inside, it just there for torturing people that go against his will.

When they entered, they started searching the house. When they got close to the room AY was kept, they heard some noise and hard to call more men before they entered into the room.

There lays AY on the floor with his blood slashed all over the place, he was living a dead life. The kidnappers were caught unaware, though they were armed, they couldnt do anything before they were over powered and handcuffed and taken outside to where alhaji and the other men of the SCC where standing.

AY was brought out and rushed to the hospital. The leader of the men from SCC looked at Alhaji and asked; Am ashamed of you, so you were the one that kidnapped this young man, the arrow of the law must strike you. They took Alhaji and his boys to the station.

The news of AY been in the hospital got to Ayat. You need to see how happy she was hearing this. She couldn't even take her bath, she just wore her hijab and carried her sleepy face without make-up to the hospital and picked her car keys and sped of to the hospital.

In the hospital, AY was sleeping on the patient bed, his head was bandaged. He had been sleeping since he was brought into the hospital. Sophie was sitting on a chair close to the bed, the doctor together with two other nurses were there with him.

Ayat entered into the hospital with joy, immediately she entered, she called his name and to the amusement of everyone there, the AY that had not woken since despite the disturbance now opens his eyes slowly but without saying a word.

Ayat sat on the bed and held his two hand, and started caressing his hands gently with tears of joy running down her chin. AY couldn't even do anything, he was so tired and without energy but the look on his swollen face portrays a happy man in pain. Then comes the unexpected, he was able to say a word and that her name.

She started crying cursing who must have done this to him. Sophie now called her name and she apologised for not greeting but Sophie told her not to be sorry that she understand the feeling when someones goes for months without seeing her dearest.

She later told her it was the old man that wanted marrying her that kidnapped AY. On hearing this, Ayat picked her phone and dialled her dads number and told him. The dad told her he knows about it and the friend is behind bars.

The doctor asked them to excuse him that he needed to rest. They left him there and Ayat went home to take her bath before returning.

Ayat returned in the afternoon with a meal prepared by herself. Luckily for her, AY was awake and felt much better compared to the way he felt in the morning. Immediately she entered, AY called her name and his swollen face filled with smile. Sophie was was sitting beside him on the bed.

Ayat greeted the duo and handed the food over to Sophie. Sophie kept the food flask on the table and left where she was sitting for AY to sit.

Ayat sat down and looked into AY's face. AY smiled and told Sophie it been a while he had longed to eat what his dear cook that she should dish out some for him.

Ayat offered to dish out the food herself and served him the food. Sophie kept looking at Ayat feeding her big brother and fell in love more with Ayat.

The doctor came in that it was time for him to rest that they should excuse him. He was discharged from the hospital a week later and Ayat dad invited AY for a dinner in his house. AY accepted the invitation. He came to the house on time.

At the dining table, Ayat brought the food. she was the cook of the house. AY couldn't help but notice her beauty one more time.

She caught him looking at her and that made her shy and had to leave to get the remaining stuffs needed at the table. She came back and sat directly opposite to him.

The dad congratulated him for been fred from the hand of the kidnappers. The man later told him that after due consideration, he had allow him to marry his daughter that he should tell his people to come for the formal introduction. AY was very happy and thanks him.

After the meal, it was already late and Ayat saw him to his car and wished him good night.

Chapter 12: Fortuitous Union

"Puh... Puh... Puh... Ah God am in pain, am dying slowly," said AY sitting on the floor with his legs and hands tied. Two hefty men were with him.

"Wetin this one dey yarn, you dey talk of pain? If I woz you now ehh, your mama hand go break for house," said the first man, he is the group leader.

" Shey na you sabi better soup abi? See make I tell you, you see this your third leg between your legs abi? I go cut am give my dog, shey you dey hear me bah? Idiot," said the second man.

"Please what have I done to warrant this treatment,"asked AY.

'Puah... Puah... Puah... Tum... Tum... Tum...' Sounded the blows and slaps he received for the question.

One of the men said; "Shey you still get mouth dey ask question abi? You don die today, begin dey write your will keep for your mind. Ah boss give me that silencer make I waste this bastard" he said simulating a gun shape with his hand.

The phone of the men rang and the boss picked it. The man on the other side of the call didn't allow the boss to talk. He just spoke to him and ended the call.

The boss looked at his phone and then at AY.

"Wetin dey pai? Wetin dey sup," asked the second man. The boss kept quiet.

"Yarn me torry nw my blood dey hot" he added.

"e don cast, the marriage don burst," replied the boss.

"You see I tell you make you write your will keep for mind, I go kill person today."

They started punching and kicking him untill he started coughing out blood. The boss nw said;

"wait oooo, shey loverboy dey cough blood? Me no know ooo. Shey pikin talk say em mama no go sleep, make we see how em wan take sleep."

The other man said;

"help me see oo, me think say the guy get mind, I no know say em chest na water. Leave the idiot jhoor, make we go see Alhaji." They left AY there in pain.

In Alhaji's sitting room, Alhaji is Ayat dad friend that wanted marrying her. Alhaji was sitting on the three seater cushion while the two men were standing behind a cushion.

Alhaji looks furious and angry. He said;

"when you tell a child not to go out at night, he will tell you the moon is bright.... Kan bara uba, duk wanda ya ci tuwo da ni miya yasha Allah wallahi.... Ni ne nan dakalin majina, ah hauni a zame ni koh in hau mutun in zauna daram dam. Dan in shafe mutun ah duniyan nan ba wani aiki bane wallahi... Kai boys, you know what? I want that son of a bastard to be in pain, yes he will die bt no so quick, gentle until he curses his mum for bringing him unto this earth."

The boss said; "ah Alhaji na pain you dey yarn? The kain pain wey em dey inside naw bah even motor tire dey enjoy pass am."

Alhaji replied; thank you, yes if I can't have her no one can, no one humiliate me and get away with it, I will kill them all. Ni ne nan Alhaji ba wasan, kai boy, you can go I will join you later.

" God, why is this happening to me? God where is sophie God she is the only sister I have left don't allow anything happen to her. Oh Ayaaaaaat... Ayaaaat... Ayaaa...." That AY murmuring.

The door was open and he was cut-off. by one of the kidnapper; Ayat abi? See man were wan die for woman oooo, shuuu you resemble person were dey enjoy pain ooo, oya guy untie him make we play ball.

AY was untied and they started kicking him without regard to where they kicked. AY fainted, they revived him with water and later tied him again and gave him 10 spoons of rice, that his for a day.

Chapter 11: Fortuitous Union

Months passed by, the two lovebirds were enjoying the fruit of their patience until about 6 month later when Yusrah's dad called her for a discussion. He told her his friend's family will be coming in a week time for a proper introduction.

Yusrah looked at her dad and wished she had another dad other than him. He asked why she was staring at him and she told him she thought they have concluded the discussion and she can never be interested in his friend.

Her dad looked at her telling her in as much as he gave birth to her, he have all the right to give her out to whom he wished without anyone questioning him.

As he was talking to her, Abubsy and their mum came in. Abubsy sat close to Yusrah and held her hand in a mode to comfort her seeing how sad she was.

Their dad ask Abubsy to excuse them but he insist of staying because he had the right to any discussion in the family. He later told the dad that the happiness of his sister is as important as his and nobody, not even his dad's friend can trample on his sister's happiness.

The dad became angry telling Abubsy that time and again, he had continue to take insult from him since his early years that his it had gotten to this level, he thank God he is now a man and already fending for himself that he should leave his house early in the morning the next day and never to return.

Abubsy looked at his dad then his mum and told her it was a nice thing that her dad said this in her presence and so she shouldn't come begging him. He left to his room and Yusrah followed him.

Yusrah met him sitting on his bed. She knelt down putting her head on his kneels, she pleaded he shouldn't leave her alone in the house but he refused and she told him she was leaving with him.

He told her to stay behind because of their mum but she insisted. The following morning, he got dressed and was about leaving with his bag when his mum stopped him telling not to go. As she was begging him, the dad shouted from his room that she should allow him to go that his decision is final.

The mum continue pleading, Yusrah joined him with her bag. The mum broke into tears and went down on her kneels begging the duo.

They kept telling her they are not going finally that they just want the father to understand certain things. The dad came downstairs and shouted at the mum to allow them, they both left.

The mum became furious and told the dad he should bring back her children else, she is also leaving with her children. The dad kept mute and went back to upstairs.

As they were leaving to a nearby hotel before making arrangement for a house, they saw Ayo, his car was faulty.

They stopped by and he saw in there face that something was wrong, he asked them and after insisting not to tell him, they finally agreed and told him everything and that they were on their way to a hostel before making arrangement for a house.

Ayo smiled and told them his friend salim just travelled for a 3 month course and they could use his house before getting theirs. He apologised for the inconveniences he had caused them.

The mum called Abubsy later in the day asking him were he was and he told her not to worry about him and his sister that they are fine. The mum broke into tears pleading with him that she want to see her children, he promised to see her the next day at home when the dad had gone to work.

She became relieved and ended the call. They went the next day to see her and told her they just want him to miss their presence small. They left and after about a week, the dad went to the police station that one Abubakar (Abubsy) kidnapped his daughter Yusrah.

He gave the police Abubsy's details including his picture. Abubsy's picture now appears in newspapers and TV stations broadcasts for alleged kidnap.

The trio; Ayo, Abubsy and Yusrah seeing this agreed on going to the station to wash themselves off the dirt. They went to the station and introduced themselves and told the DPO what brought them.

The DPO was surprised how an elderly man could cook up a story like this and promised to deal with the case his own way. They all left and the DPO called their father.

He came and the DPO told him he was disappointed and their father told him how dare he talk to him in that manner that he had already disowned the so called Abubakar of a son and as far as he was concern, he was not his son and he is keeping his daughter.

He left threatening the DPO that he will deal with him if he don't produce his daughter for him in the next few days.

Ayo was in his office the next day attending to the files on his table when he heard a knock on his door, it was Yusrah's dad.

He came in and was offered a seat but refused sitting telling him he is not here to sit. He warned him to stare clear of his daughter else, he will be playing a game he will sure loss.

Yusrah's mum kept disturbing the dad to bring back her children for her, he agreed to do so though with his own conditions. He called them back them back to the house. Abubsy refused and it took the tears of his mum to bring him back.

Back to the house, he knew he was living under the same roof with a man that hates him so he tried all he could to avoid any form of confrontation. Yusrah on the other hand was placed on restrictions; she only goes out when the father confirm the authenticity of where she was going to.

Ayo was attending to files in his office when his secretary called him, some men were here to see him. He asked her to allow them in. When they entered, he offered them a sit but they refused telling him they had better things to attend to.

They went straight telling him they were members of the gang of Spicy that he and his sisters had bitten more than they could chew that they gave him an ultimatum of 24hours to have her released else they will have him and his sister beheaded. They left leaving him with fear.

Ayo picked his phone and called his sister that she should relocate to the village immediately that he will tell her why later. He told his secretary about it.

On his way home, he was ambushed and taken away at gun point to an unknown destination. The news got to his office and the secretary told the police what her boss told her before leaving the office. Using the CCTV footage in the office, the guys that came to threaten him in the office were arrested.

These guys were tortured for weeks without them saying anything that could lead to Ayo been found. They kept saying;

"We go em office but no be we hide am."

Two months went by without any news from Ayo. Yusrah became so disturbed that sorrow became synonymous with her mood always.

The dad came one night and told her his friend family people will becoming in two days and she should behave herself well. To avoid any form of problem, she kept mute. She left the house the day they were to come.

Even with her absence, they fixed the wedding date to the next month saying they want to finish everything as soon as possible that money isn't their problem.

Yusrah returned in the night only to be told her wedding date with the old man is next month. She felt like strangling her dad to death. She vow in her mind to make life miserable for the man if they succeeded in marrying her out to him.

Days passed by and preparation for the wedding continues without Yusrah participating. They even went as far as taking her old cloths and measuring it length to sow cloths for her wedding. Even her mum joined the bandwagon, only Abubsy stood by her.

A day worth mentioning was the day the old man came to her house with his friend. After the men were received by Yusrah dad and mum, Yusrah was called into the sitting room. She entered without greeting anyone and the old man called her my wife.

She hissed at him and told him to cut his coat according to his size. The dad stood up and slapped her twice. She looked at him then her mum before leaving them.

It was the day of the wedding. Everyone were happy except Yusrah and Abubsy. People were gathered in the front of the house and the imam was about pronouncing them husband and wife when Abubsy raised an alarm that the imam shouldn't be part of people that will aid a failed marriage that his sister wasn't in love with the old man.

The imam called Yusrah and asked her and she told him everything that had been happening. The imam said his duty was to join two consenting male and female and To discourage forced marriage. The gathering of people dispersed leaving only the two families.

The family of the old man told the man that they were disappointed at him and that he have to return everything they did for the supposed marriage.

The imam admonished the dad on the consequence of a forced marriage and the happiness of his daughter should be his priority and not keeping a tie with his friend.

The dad accepted Yusrah back and apologised for the pains he had caused her. He even went as far as asking her where is Ayo but she told him he had been kidnapped by an unknown gunmen for some months now. The dad felt bad and promised to give his consent if he was found again based on some conditions.

Chapter 10: Fortuitous Union

In Ni'imah's house, she was sitting on her cushion with the write-up in her hand and couldn't even notice the presence of her friend. The friend called her thrice before she noticed her presence.

The friend asked her what was wrong and she told the friend she was in AY office and saw Ayat there. She added that they even had a quarrel and AY ordered security men to bundle her out.

The friend became furious and looked straight into Ni'mah face telling her they need to show her what it means to compete for a boyfriend. They agreed they were going to make her unattractive.

The friend told Ni'imah she knows where to get the chemical that one of her friend is a specialist in it. They started mapping out plans on how to go about it when Ni'imah phone rang, it was AY. She refuse picking the call. When he called the second time, she switched off her phone.

AY was destabilised, his bed disorganised all in the process of looking for his write-up. He sat on his bed wondering what other item she took from his room and regretted ever allowing her stay in his house. He concluded Ni'imah had done her worst and he will take her serious and deal with her accordingly.

Ni'imah's friend went to Sophie's school to see her friend that specialises in acid bathing. When she got into the hostel, only two people were in the room; Sophie and that her friend Spicy.

Spicy was a notorious slip over student of the department of psychology feared by all. Immediately she entered the room, Sophie recognised her as a friend Ni'imah but she didn't recognise Sophie.

She started speaking a strange slang to Spicy that Sophie do not understand. Spicy later asked Sophie to excuse them and she left the room.

In about 10 minutes time, they were done with their discussion and Spicy saw her off. Immediately they left the room, Sophie entered and picked her phone, she had left it in the room under her pillow in it recording mode.

She ended the recording and booted her laptop. She transfered the file into the system, deleted it from her phone immediate and shutdown her laptop without listening to the recorded file. She then picked her phone and started listening to music pretending nothing happened.

Spicy came in 40 minutes later and picked her voice recorder. She had left it to record any word voiced in the room so as to know if anyone especially Sophie knows about her discussion with Ni'imah's friend.

She does this regularly because she felt Sophie was given accommodation in her room so she could act as a spy for the school.

Spicy started listening to the record using earpiece pretending to be listening to something just to avoid Sophie to suspecting her.

Sophie on her own part pretended she didn't suspect anything. Spicy recorded voice couldn't provide anything meaningful aside just the voice of Sophie singing and that relieved her.

In the evening, Sophie went for night class and it was there she used a headphone to listen to the voice on her system. Using the headphone will make people think she was listening to music.

After listening to it, she couldn't understand anything aside some few phrases and the name of AY, Ayat and Ni'imah. The mention of these names increased her curiosity, she needed to know everything.

She remembered she had a friend who denounced his cultist identity. They were very close friends and it was due to her and other things that made him denounced that, they were very close.

She felt he was her last option and also felt save because no one will want to near anything Spicy related. She called him and they met in a virtually empty hall.

She played the file and the guy listened to it. The revelation was shocking, it was the mapped out plan on how to bath Ayat with the acid and also to deal with AY in his own way.

The gangs were to bath Ayat on her way back home around 6:00pm in the next 2 days. It was her normal routine to walk round the estate as a form of exercise and so they took advantage of that to carry out their devilish act. AY was to be kidnapped and delt with for 2 weeks.

She thanked the guy and they left there to avoid the preying eyes of others. She called her brother telling him she will be coming early in the morning. He asked her what was the problem but she said nothing.

Early in the morning, she went to her brothers place in the office and revealed the plan to him. He thank her and they went straight to the police station to report lodge the complain. The police then ordered it men to bring Ayat to the station to keep her there to avoid any form of harm and also asked AY to remain in the station.

They also planned the strategy to be use in catching the suspects. When Ayat came, she was in the company of her brother Abubsy.

She was very grateful to Sophie and Sophie told her there is nothing she can't do for the happiness of her brother and any lady that put smile on his face. The two ladies, Ayat and Sophie were part of the plan.

At around 5:30pm, policemen were already placed at strategic places in the estate and with the highest concentration to. Ayat's house. Ayat was made to be walk freely as she normally do with Sophie as her companion that day.

As they were moving close to their gate, A black tinted glass SUV drove close to them and stop.

The gangs came out of the car as they were about to seize Ayat by her hijab, a group of armed policemen surrounded them, the game was over.

They didn't attempt to resist arrest because they were 3, 2 came out while one of inside the car, they were only armed with one pistol.

They were handcuffed and in the twinkling of an eye, the gate of Ayat's house was opened and the police hilux van drove out and the culprits were packed in like sardine.

The arrested gangs after hours of torture revealed who sent them and they were arrested without delay. As Spicy, Ni'imah and her friend were brought in, Spicy looked at Sophie and said she had always known her to be a spy.

The police hit her on the head to keep her moving when Ni'imah saw AY, she was hiding her head in shame and AY looked at her angrily.

AY was happy and bought promise to buy a car for his sister Sophie. Ayat also promise to buy her the limited edition of an expensive mobile phone brand.

The culprit were charged to court and sentenced to 24 years in prison with hard labour.

Chapter 9: Fortuitous Union

Ni'mah woke up around 6:30am only to see some money beside her, AY that dropped them for her. She picked them and went straight into AY's room to drop the money in her bag. Getting into the room, she noticed the bed had been laid neatly and found her bag on the stool beside the bed.

She put the money inside her bag and sat on his bed brainstorming on the next line of action. She then started raising his pillow as if she was looking for something and behold, she saw what AY wrote about Ayat.

She read the poem loudly with her hand shaking. Ni'imah then put the poem into her bag and zipped it before going straight to the bathroom to shower. She then moved into the kitchen and prepare a meal for herself.

In AY's office, he was smiling reading the text Ayat sent him. He was lost in thought that he didn't even notice when Salim entered. Okoh Ayat he called AY.

AY smiled extending his hand for a shake. They exchanged greetings and he told Salim about what transpired between him and Ni'imah the night before.

Salim smiled calling Okoh Ayat pai Ni'imah looking at AY keenly into the eye. He asked him if he tried anything silly the with Ni'imah. AY hissed telling him that the last thing that will ever happen.

Salim then went further to ask where is Ni'imah and AY told him he left her in his house.

AY kept smiling, Salim asked him what made his day this early morning. He told him it was Ayat that sent him a message that a friend of her is coming with a business proposal to his place of work and so she will use that opportunity to know his office.

He added that he will called Salim to let him know when she comes. Salim smiled telling AY that had it been he knows he will meet Ayat today, he would had put on his best suit. He left the office calling AY names.

At around 10:30am, Ayat called AY telling him she was at the parking lot of his office. He went, brought her into his office and offered her a seat in the resting section of his office. He got a tumbler and juice for her.

He sat opposite her and they started chatting then he told her he wanted introducing her to his friend Salim. She later told him it ok by her and he dialled Salim number to invite him. Salim came inside and AY introduced Ayat to Salim.

There was a knock on the door, the person entered without waiting for permission, everyone became shocked. It was Ni'imah, she became angry immediately she saw Ayat.

She moved close to Ayat and moved round her before holding her likab and removed it. Ayat kept her cool and Ni'imah kept raining insult on Ayat on how she is a husband snatcher and how she doesn't have shame and how she uses likab to deceive people.

Ayat wanted replying her but was interrupted by the action of Ni'imah, she attempted to slap her, AY held the hand and pushed her away.

Ni'imah now left Ayat and started raining insult on AY on how he was a woman rapper. He got angry and attempted to hit her but Salim held his hand and calmed him down.

Ayat on the other hand kept begging AY on the need for peace and he should avoid using bodily force on women. AY became calm though he was really burning within. He picked his phone and dialled the security line and in a minute, 2 security men were already inside.

Before they came, Ni'imah went close to Ayat and held her by her hijab and squeezed it in a mood ready to beat her blue black but Salim and AY kept separating them.

When the security men entered, AY ordered them to pick Ni'imah and never to allow her into the office premise again. Ni'imah was dragged like a criminal by the security men out of the office.

AY not knowing how to start calming Ayat down kept looking at the floor thinking he will say he knew Ni'imah was coming. She looked at him and smiled telling him not to worry that if Ni'imah thinks violence will make her leave him for her then she must be joking and that she is ready to confront her anytime she tries anything silly.

While AY was trying to cajole her on the need to avoid Ni'imah because of how dangerous she was, Salim left them to give them privacy. They later had their normal conversation and as they were conversing, he gave her her likab and she put it on.

At about 12:00pm, it was time for her to leave and he saw her to her car before she left that day.

chapter 8: Fortuitous Union

In the morning around 6:30am, Ayat called AY. After exchanging greeting, AY asked her why her sudden change of mood yesterday. She told him never to mind but he insisted and she told him they should meet at stop n' chop eatery by 4:00pm.

She chose that since Ni'imah do go to joe chicken republic. He agreed and they had a chit chat before ending the call.

They met at the venue on time. AY ordered yoghurt for himself and Ayat. They kept taking the yoghurt in silence while Ayat try as much as possible to avoid eye contact with AY. It continued for a while before AY broke the silence.

"So tell me, why the sudden change of mood yesterday evening?" He asked looking at her.

He tried maintaining eye contact with her but she kept avoiding his eyes. She didn't reply his question and he asked her what the problem was.

She took a deep breath and dropped the spoon of her yoghurt and shook her head. AY kept looking at her waiting to hear words carrying messages come out from her mouth. Instead of answering his question, she asked him a question he didn't expect.

"Do you really love me?" She asked removing the spoon from her mouth.

He kept mute for few seconds wondering why she asked such a question at this time, he replied her;

"Yes, I do, why the question?" He inquired.

She told him everything that happening including her dream and the old man.

The look on AY's face clearly shows he was really sad. Immediately she finished, he looked at her in the eye telling her how sorry he was for putting her in such a situation with her dad.

She told him never to worry that somethings must happen sometimes for one to enjoy someday. He was a bit relieved with the manner she spoke. She later added that the old man is wasting him time that marrying anyone aside AY is the last thing that would happen in her life.

AY promised never to let her down and he will be soft on her to avoid making it too open to the preying eyes of her family and Ni'imah. The date ended and they departed to their various houses.

At Ayat house, the father was sitting in the living room reading a newspaper when she entered. She greeted him but he frowned at her without replying her. As she was about going to her room, he shouted at the top of his voice;

"where are you coming from?" He asked.

She kept mute with her gaze on the floor. He shouted again then she muttered telling him she went to see a friend. This attracted his attention and made him dropped the paper he was reading.

He asked her who was that her friend and she told him it was fatima, her best friend. He now told her he just wish she was telling him the truth else she will regret it. He hissed and continue reading his paper.

AY was walking into his room as a fulfilled man singing his favourite 'angel of my life by paul play' when he notice someone was in his living room. He was wondering who was in because sophie wasn't coming home that night. Immediately he entered, he saw the Ni'imah.

Ni'mah smiled at him but he frowned asking her who let her into his house? She stood up and walked to were he was standing, she looked at him and gave him a kiss on the lips. He pushed her away and in the process of staggering back, she hits her head on a cushion which made blood gushed out of her head.

AY became confused and had to rush her to a nearby hospital where she was treated and he was told she need to rest due to the excess lost of blood. He took her to his house and dropped her on his bed while he left the room for the visitors room to sleep.

Midnight, she came into the room he was almost naked with just a short towel wrapped around her chest.

She went to him on the bed and started rubbing him at first in his dream, it was Ayat and he was enjoying it but immediately he woke up and saw it wasn't Ayat but this devil sent Ni'mah, he looked at her angrily telling her all he regretted bringing her back to his house. He left the room to the living room to sleep on the three seater cushion.

In the morning, he woke up as early as 4:00am, got dressed around and left the house around 6:00am before Ni'mah woke up.

Chapter 7: Fortuitous Union

In Ayat’s family living room, the dad and mum with an old man were sitting. She came and sat on a sofa close to her mum after greeting them. The dad introduced the old man to her as his childhood friend that has come to tighten his tie with the family; the old man has come to ask for her hand in marriage.

After the dad had finished his sermon on her need to strengthen the tie between them by marrying him and how old men are good at taking care of women more that their young counterparts due to their wealth of experience, the old man added that she will not regret marrying him asking her to ask his other three wives.

During all this conversation, the mum and Ayat kept looking at the men. Immediately he mentioned him having three wives, she unconsciously muttered; "God forbid."

The dad shouted at her calling her ill-mannered, while the old man kept calm telling her how wealthy he was and how he would make her life rosy with wealth.

Abubsy entered the room and frowned at the old man greeting everyone else in the room. The dad explained to him how his sister is rejecting to marry someone she will enjoy wealth in his house.

Abubsy told the dad that wealth shouldn’t be the primary reason for marriage and the happiness of his sister should be considered. The dad got furious with him and Ayat, they later left to Ayat’s room.

Their mum joined them asking Abubsy to excuse them. Before he left, he told them his sister is not marrying that old man.

The mum spoke to her on the consequence of going against her father’s decision. She told her mum she can’t be happy with the man telling the mum she is already in love with someone, his name is AY.

The mum remembered the name, it was the guy in the same ward her sister was admitted to. She told her to desist before the dad get to know as that will get him more furious. Unfortunately for them, the dad was already in the room and he heard them.

The dad told them he still stands by his words about that boy and his friend. He threatened her before leaving the room.

AY after waiting for her call for hours without getting it, he decided to call. She picked and from the tone of her voice, he knew all is not well.

He asked her and she told him nothing was wrong, he pressurized her and she promised to tell him in a good time. She ended the call telling him she needs to be alone.

Few minutes later, he sent her a text message, it reads;

"since you want to be left alone, I have no objection to that but just remember we are not friend for good news only, the bad news are integral part of our relationship. Just keep yourself save and remember I love you. Right now, sorrow is synonymous with me. Good night."

She replied the text with the following;

" hmmm... yes bad news is but why always from me? I sure will, just know I love you more and will never leave you. Please don’t reply again, Good night."

While he was looking at the message on his phone, Ni’imah called he refused picking it.

After calling for three times without picking, she knew he was refusing to pick using his last seen on whatsapp as a criteria.

She sent him a text telling him she met with Sophie at a mall. That Sophie pushed her and while she tried to draw her attention to the action, she hissed and walked away.

She ended the text asking him to warn his sister to stay clear of her path insisting that her problem is not with AY but with Ayat.

He called his sister to his room and cautioned her telling her she should not get herself involved in the matter at hand. Sophie told her brother how sorry she was and promise to stop interfering in his affairs with his babes.

Chapter 6: Fortuitous Union

Ayat was conspicuously absent in the living room to watch her favourite programme on Iqra TV, Islam in you. She only showed on at the dining to avoid questions but it was clear she wasn't interested in the meal.

After the meal, she went into her room and started thinking of the show she put up at the eatery, she felt sorry for the poor guy and her poor self though she likes him, she hates embarrassment and had to do what she did to stop that.

AY called her but she refused picking the call.

On that night, she dreamt of AY, herself and an oldman. They were in a circular garden fenced with green and yellow flowers and the garden floored with evergreen shiny grass showing gratitude to the sun. With few shrubs scattered randomly in the garden.

AY got her a red rose flower knelt down prophesied his love for her and she turn her back on him looking at the other direction only to see an old man with leaves of a shrub in the garden coming close to her.

She turned back to AY only to discover he was no longer there, she started looking for him and couldn't find him. While she was resting, she saw the old man again and she started running while he followed her as she was running, she heard a sweet voice singing a heartbroken song.

The more she run, the closer she get to this voice singing until she came closer to a tree and behold, it AY sitting on the ground and singing with his rose flower beside him. She went down on her kneels and picked the flower looking straight into his eyes, before she could utter a word, she woke up from sleep.

In the morning, she was absent in the family's mosque for morning prayers. Abubsy went straight into her room and he met her praying. After the prayers, he asked her what wrong with her and she narrated everything to him.

Abubsy queried her why she had to do put herself in such a state telling her she shouldn't have confronted AY and told her when he calls, she should pick. He left and she felt like calling him but stopped herself.

At AY's house, Sophie prepared him breakfast but he refused eating, she asked him what happened and he told her and she promised to see Ayat for his sake.

She called Ayat and after their discussion, Ayat invited her to their house.

Later in the day, Sophie went to see Ayat. Ayat offered her food in the house and she told her a glass of water will do. They later had the discussion of what happened and Ayat told Sophie to help her talk to AY that she never meant to do so.

During their discussion, Abubsy entered and immediately he saw Sophie, he recognised her; she was his school daughter during his day in secondary school. He was in SS 3 while she JS 1.

They exchanged pleasantries and chatted about life after secondary school. Abubsy was happy to see her and when she told them she was going, Abubsy offered to drop her.

Abubsy dropped her at AY's office. She told AY all she discussed with Ayat and how her brother happened to be her senior back then in school. AY was very happy and promise to take Sophie out.

He dialled Ayat number and she picked. He told her how he missed her and how his day was without her. She apologised and promise to tell him something sweet before the day runs out.

AY was very happy that day and took Sophie to joe chicken republic as he promised. In joe chicken republic, Sophie told her brother that she never expected him to be this emotional with his experience with girls.

He smiled, saying he can’t really say what wrong with him but he felt she was just different. She giggled telling him how she too had come to like Ayat.

While they were chatting, Ni’imah came to their table unexpectedly and dropped a note, it reads;

"that was just a tip of an iceberg, watch out for more…!!!"

She left immediately leaving him short of words. He looked at her as she walked away mouth opened; Sophie then picked the note and read it. She looked at her brother asking him what was the meaning of the note.

He took a deep breath and told her everything. She got angry and asked him why he brought himself so low for this small girl. He told her it one of those things.

She replied him telling him she will not take such and if she tries it close to her again, she will teach her a lesson she will never forget in her life.

Their discussion was interrupted by a message; it was a message from Ayat. He hurriedly picked the phone to check the content, it was a single word; "YES."

He dialled her number and she picked, he asked her what the meaning of the message and she told him in a shy tone it was the reply he had been waiting for. He smiled asking her to complete it and she told him she will do so via sms.

They ended the call and within a few minutes, she sent him the message. It reads;

"I may not be good with words but surely, I know what I feel. The thought of you brightens my heart, I love you too."

He smiled and dialled her number and she picked immediately.

"SalamuAlaykum," said Ayat.

" waalaikumussalam. I saw your text, it sound appealing to my heart."

"hmmm…. I just hope you don’t abuse it."

"It a promise. I wish we……" ( interrupted by Ayat).

"My presence needed in the living room."

"Just call me when you done, love you."

"I will, bye." She ended the call.

Both of them were happy for their new status, they were all fulfilled. AY told Sophie about the latest development and they rejoiced together and that ended the outing of that day between AY and Sophie.

Chapter 5: Fortuitous Union

The next day, AY got to his office early as usual and was working on the files on his table when his office telephone rang, it was his secretary informing him of a visitor. It was Ni'imah. He asked the secretary to allow her in.

Ni'imah was dressed corporately, she just left her office to iron things out. Immediately she entered, AY's mood changed. They looked into each other’s eyes without saying a word for seconds before AY broke the silence asking her what she wanted. She looked into his eyes without mixing words and replied him.

"It is you I want," she said looking at him.

"I am no longer interested in the relationship, you are here at the wrong time."

She unzip her bag and brought out a brown envelope . Curious about what the content of the envelope was, he asked her what was that, looking keenly at it. She kept mute to his question and brought out a picture, it was picture himself and Ayat at joe chicken republic.

He was speechless for few seconds before asking in a surprising tone how she got these pictures. She refused answering and asked him, "she is the one right."

He repeated his question and she told him never to mind that he should just answer hers. He was short of words, He started stared at her not because he felt sorry for his act but because he wonders how she got those pictures.

"We had really been through thick and thin to allow someone come between us," she said and moved close to him, then put her hands over shoulders.

"Take your hands of me and for the record, no one is coming between us," he said in a harsh tone moving a step backward.

"If you don't mind, I have documents to attend to this morning, excuse me," he added and sat down on his executive chair.

She replied him telling him she has always known him to be stubborn but not to worry; she was going to show Ayat the consequence of snatching a boyfriend. AY told her immediately that she should keep the poor girl out of it and face him but Ni'imah told him never to underestimate the actions of a broken hearted woman telling him she will be telling him for the last time that if she can't have him, no one can, not even the masquerade she saw him with.

Immediately she called Ayat a masquerade, AY stood up angrily and said;

"Funny enough, the girl she calls a masquerade have succeeded in winning him over that looking beyond her masked face, is a woman every man dreams to have, an epitome of character, a beauty to behold, a master in her own league, a winner in...," he was demonstrating with his hands and was interrupted by Ni'imah.

"enough, now I see you don't even have respect for me but you know what, you will hear from me," she said and left banging the door really hard.

He shook his head and sat down putting his pen in his mouth without moving for a while, he took a deep breath and told himself he have to be careful with Ni'mah knowing the kinds of friends she keeps.

His phone vibrated, it was a text message from Ayat, seeing her name, He hurriedly picked the phone to check the content. It reads;

"Assalamu Alaykum. If you don't mind, I would like to discuss a very important issue that just came up today to be precise; can we meet at joe chicken republic by 5:00pm? Seriously waiting for your reply."

His heart skipped wondering if Ni'imah had tried something silly before even coming to his place? Is her father aware of their date yesterday? Is she in trouble? What have he done wrong. He picked his phone dialled her number but she wouldn't pick, she sent him a message that he should just reply her via text message. He did so by telling her he will make it.

AY could no longer concentrate on his work, his placed his chin on his hands and his hand resting on the table, he was lost in thought. Salim entered without him noticing his entering, he called him Okoh Ayat in a flattering tone still and he didn't hear him. He tapped him on the shoulder and asked him what he was thinking of? He told him about the coming of Ni'imah and the text message from Ayat.

Salim took a deep breath and told him to cheer up and hear what Ayat have to say first. They later had other discussion and Salim left leaving him behind to continue his work.

The duo AY and Ayat met at joe chicken republic at the planned time but this time, inside AY's car at the parking lot. She sat at the front seat close to AY and greeted him. The tone of the greeting without smiles sent a signal to AY, something was definitely wrong.

He asked her and she told him how an unknown lady stopped her dad at the gate of his place of work to give him a picture of herself and him in the eatery, the lady later warned her dad to tell her to stop seeing AY before she takes the next action and hissed before leaving his front.

Ayat added that her dad came back home straight telling her how embraced he was and warned her to desist from seeing AY else, his house will not be able to contain both.

Ayat told AY that if he knows his life is not in order and he have people stalking him, why dragging her in, that she have not accepted him yet and she is already in a mess talk more if she had done that.

She pleaded with him to please just leave her and pretend he never met her before as she is not ready to be harassed by any lady, don't want people disobeying her father and she is not ready to go at logger head with her dad.

AY try explaining to her that he wasn't dating the lady in question that she was his ex and she asked him why not get over her before coming to me, why come to bring sadness over my life. She started sounding like someone that is about to cry and told him bye before leaving his car to hers, she drove away at a high speed.

AY felt really bad, he was using his hand to hit the steering of his car when a security guard came to him and said;

"sir, we reserve this parking lots only for our customers, please walk into the eatery or drive out." He frowned at the guard and drove off.

AY dialled Ni'imah number and she picked immediately with a smile telling him she knew he would call that what do he want, have he gotten the message? He shouted at the top of his voice and warns her to leave his life alone and face hers.

She laughed at him and called him a good boy, he later pressed the red button on his phone ending the call.

Chapter 4: Fortuitous Union

AY as a disciplined branch manager, he does wake up very early and get prepared for work but this particular day, he woke up earlier than usual. His whistle of joy woke Sophie up.

She came downstairs seeing AY singing 'Angel of my life' by Paul play. After greeting him, she went straight into the kitchen to prepare his breakfast while he went into his room to get ready for work.

Getting to the dining table, Sophie came with the food. He held her by her right hand singing and she shook her head looking into his eyes to deduce why this sudden mood this morning. While he was holding her hand, Ayat called her and she picked.

They chatted for a while before ending the call, AY was looking at her. Sophie told him;

"Abeg oo, this your look, we didn't say anything about you oo, it was Ayat that call." He smiled and finished his food before heading to the office.

Getting to the office, he called Ayat to confirm if she will make it and she promise she would.

He was attending to the files on his table when his friend Salim entered. AY told him about the new maiden. Salim started calling AY 'okoh Ayat'. He just smiled and told him he was not in for his jokes this morning that he had files to attend to before the day end.

Salim smiled and called him okoh Ayat again before leaving the office while AY continue attending to the files on his desk.

Ayat was on annual leave so she spends her time with her brother Abubsy in the house chatting. Abubsy told her many stories about life in UK and got her interested in travelling there someday. She told him about her date with AY later in the day and he asked her hope it not in AY's house and she said; no, it at joe chicken republic. He gave her his consent.

Three ladies called him within an hour, she asked him who they were and he told her they were his babes. She looked at him, shook her head and said:

"Hmm... big bros, it not good to play with the feelings of ladies," resting her head on his shoulder.

"I am not a player, they just kept coming, sha I have one sweetie I want to introduce to the family," he said typing on his laptop.

"We are still saying the same thing, you are still playing them," she said.

She then started preaching to him about the negative side of keeping many girlfriends, he then looked at her and said jokingly looking straight into her eyes like a FBI agent asking a suspect a question;

"Abi? May you live long the saint of daddy's family, I just came for a chat and you have started preaching I think we need to open a preaching house for you," he said leaving to the door when he turned back and saw her expressing sadness on her face.

He came back and told her sorry that he was only joking and she told him he have to take her out for her to forgive him.

He looked at her and busted into laughter remembering her of her date later in the day and she told him;

"you are a brother, AY is a friend so you have to." He promise to look into it and left.

AY closed earlier from work and got home early, took his bath and wore a limited edition black shoe, a slim fitted white trouser with a black leather belt, a white slim fitted packet shirt with a black neck tie with an expensive golden chain wristwatch and a black body fitting blazers.

He sprayed his dress with his expensive cologne. Immediately Sophie saw him coming downstairs, she said;

" brother, are you going for a fashion contest?" She asked smiling.

He smiles and didn't reply, she looked at him in the eye and he told her in a flattering tone that he knows she is a psychologist but please, he is not her patient and she should stop looking at him like that.

She smiled and asked where he was up to and he told her he was going on a date. She laughed loudly telling him her instincts never fails her and waved him a bye that he should buy her goodie goodie when he returns. He picked his car key and went out gently admiring his dress.

Ayat on the other hand was putting on a very long black hijab with socks, a hand gloves and a likab. She picked her car key and drove straight to joe chicken republic.

AY arrived three minute earlier than Ayat. They sat down facing each other, he looked at her without saying a word.

"You are making me feel uncomfortable, why this look," she asked.

"Never mind, what do you care for."

"I don't eat in public, just anything I could sip," She said adjusting the gloves on her hands.

AY called the waitress and ordered a full chicken with juice. While she was sipping her juice, he was devouring his chicken. They continued chatting when he told her he had something bothering him that he would want to discuss. She told him she was all ears.

" You see," he started looking at her straight in the eyes while she tried avoiding his eyes.

"I don't normally say this but I have to, since the day I saw your beautiful self in that white hijab and black likab, I had not been able to take away my taughts from you, am sorry I have to say this, 'I think I love', could you give me a chance to prove it," he said holding the knive slightly perpendicular to the chicken.

"Hmm.... nooo, I beg you to take your heart to someone else, I just can't. We are not compatible, let just be friends," she said now resting her back on the chair and holding the tumbler.

"Please, I don't see you as a friend, we can't be just friends. The future I see for us is bright. Oh my dear Ayat, why not see through the tone of my voice," he asked moving his hand close to her as if he wanted touching her. He was able to convince her a bit.

She told him she never knew it will get to this, she will have to think about it. They then discussed random topics like politics, religion, fashion, technology, science before ending the date around 6:30pm. He went back home as a fulfilled man assuring himself all is well while she drove very fast to get to the house before 7:00pm.

He was awake at night thinking about her and he picked his pen to write out a piece, the write-up is below.

"Glittering stars, shiny moon, snow on the mountain all out for a show of gratitude to this cutie cherry. Ayat they call her, my lady I know she is."

After writing this, he read it aloud and dropped it under his pillow and slept off.

Chapter 3: Fortuitous Union

Ayat got prepared early in the morning, picked her car keys and was moving close to her car when her phone rang, it was AY.

"Assalamu Alaykum," she said putting the phone close to her ears and resting on her car.

"Amin..., we had been discharged, I'm about to leave the hospital now," he said.

"But I told you I would be coming."

"Yah, you did but I...."

"You what?" She interrupted.

"Just give me a few minutes, I will be there," she added.

"Ok, I will be waiting." The call ended, she put the phone into her black Gucci bag with a silver branding on it. She entered into the car and turn on the ignition. She sped out of the compound with a speed you will think she was been chased by kidnappers.

Reaching the hospital, she went straight to AY without check on her sister. She met AY's 'always away' sister, Sophie.

"Brother, who is this one," Sophie said to her brother referring to Ayat.

"She is the Babe I told...," AY was interrupted by Sophie.

"Hmm... brother, nooo," Sophie interrupted.

Ayat moved closer to them, she greeted them and AY introduced her to Sophie as a friend and introduce Sophie as his kid sister. Sophie giggled.

Ayat extended her hand for a sake but Sophie rejected the offer and turned as if she was looking at something close to the HIV poster on the wall. Ayat felt sad and AY saw it on her face.

"Ayat, can you excuse us," AY said holding his sister hand and dragging her out, she reluctantly followed him. Ayat stood there embaraced.

They later came back after he had spoken to his sister and she had agreed to apologise to Ayat. Sophie was about going on her kneels in front of Ayat when Ayat stopped her and held her. They hugged each other.

Ayat told her she understood the reasons for her action. Sophie told her she never knew she was soft-hearted until her brother spoke to her about her. Ayat smile and said;

"It ok, if not for the bad eggs amongst the long hijab wearing ladies, the good ones wouldn't be seen in this way."

They later exchanged number and started chatting before AY interrupted telling Sophie to get all the items out into the car. He and Ayat went to the doctors office to sign a document before leaving.

Getting to the hospital parking lot, AY thanked Ayat and they agreed on a date. Sophie and Ayat later hugged each other. Ayat went back into the hospital to check her sister while AY and Sophie went home.

"Just go back to where you are coming from, I know you are not here for my sake," Rahinat said pointing at Ayat.

"Maami good morning," Ayat greeted her mum. The mum refuse answering her.

"What do you think you are doing," asked the mum looking at Ayat straight in the eye.

"I am disappointed at you, so you could come to this place without seeing your sister first? Anyway, your dad just left here and he knew you were with that boy, he will deal with you today," her mum said, looking disappointed. Ayat started shedding tears.

"Dry those crocodile tears and go pick Abubsy from the airport," the mum added.

Abubsy is Ayat's elder brother, he studied international relation in the United Kingdom. Their father regards him as the bad boy of the house and also a deviant because he doesn’t buy the idea of extremism by his dad. He is just returning after his master’s degree.

Ayat went and picked him and brought him to the hospital. After seeing their sister, she drove him home. On getting to the house, the dad and Abubsy exchanged greetings. Ayat greeted the dad but he snubbed her telling her he doesn't have her time yet.

An hour later, Abubsy asked her why their father was cold to her and she told him all that happened. Abubsy backed her up saying their father’s behaviour is becoming something else and that he is back for her.

Hearing all this from Abubsy, Ayat became a bit happy, knowing she now have a comforter in the house. She thanked him and gave him a peck before going out to pick the family telephone ringing.

Later in the day at night, the dad summoned a meeting with all the family members to discuss Ayat new lifestyle. They all poured hurting words on her while Abubsy was quiet looking at them.

Immediately they finished, he told them it high time they do away with this way of life and make the happiness of every member their own priority. These words came as a knock on the father's head, he started telling Abubsy he is not surprised that he had always been a deviant. The meeting ended badly with Abubsy and Ayat angry.

They later went to Ayat room while Abubsy consoled her before going to his own room to sleep.

AY lives on an island in senosa, an area reserved for GIS consultants of Evergreen international Inc. He is the branch manager of GIS consultancy in senosa. He lives alone with his younger sister Sophie who studies human psychology in the people’s university of senosa.

AY sitting on the three sitter sofa in his living room with his hands resting of the left hand rest and his legs on the sofa watching a home video was interrupted by the ringing tone of his phone, it was Ni’imah; she was his former girlfriend that called for reconciliation.

He looks at the screen of the phone and dropped it after seeing she was the one. After calling for seven times without him picking it, Ni'imah sent him a text.

After reading the text he smiled and said loudly

"I see, now you have my time but for this time. I careless now."

She later called and he picked reluctantly. She told him she knows he no longer care about her and she don't blame him for that. but herself to have follow the advice of her friends. She pleaded for another chance to prove her love for him.

AY just kept mute and immediately she finished, he asked if that all she had to say that he was busy. This got Ni’imah angry, he told her 'bye'. She promised him that if she can't have him, nobody can. He dared her to do her worse that this not the first time and he is tired of empty threats. She repeated;

" If I can't have you, no one can." She ended the call.

AY dropped the phone and sat in a rather confused manner.

The phone rang again and this time, it wasn't Ni'imah but Ayat. He picked it, she told him she tried his line but he was on another call and he lied to her that it was just a friend and she said in a voice that buttress disagreement "hmm, just a friend."

He said yes and she said she never knew people spend long time speaking on the phone with people they regard as just friend. She added immediately before he could say a word that she called to say hi.

He later asked her if they still agreed on the date and she said yes. They chose joe chicken republic for the meeting at 5 o'clock since the rule of her house is that every member should be home before 7'o clock. He ended the call telling her how he missed her how he can't wait to see her the next day while she smiled and ended the call.

Ayat call diverted his attention from Ni'imah to hers making him forget the threat but kept fantasising how the date will look like when his phone screen light beamed, it was a message from Ni'imah telling him how sorry she was for sounding the way she did the other time.

After reading it, he dropped the phone without replying the message and slept off.

Chapter 2: Fortuitous Union

"Beep... Beep...," AY's phone rang, it was Ayat.

"Hello dearie, you called as promised," AY said scratching his head.

"uhm... uhm..., I just wanted to tell you I will be coming any moment from now," she replied coughing, pretending not to hear the word 'dearie'.

"I just said hello dearie."

"Yeah... you did buh..."

"But what?"

"Just forget about it, see you in the hospital, bye," she said ending the call.

"Wait sef, hope this guy is not thinking far cuz hmm... Daddy will just skin me alive," she said dropping her phone on the shelf in the kitchen, she was preparing a meal for AY.

She finished preparing the meal and dished it in a VIP cooler and left for the hospital.

"Knock... Knock..., Assalamu Alaykum," Ayat knocks the door and do sallam.

"Yes come in, the door is open," AY said, while buttoning his shirt to hide his unclad chest.

she entered. With the cooler hidden in a leather bag and said;

"It seems this your own sister is not always around."

"Nap, far from that, I guess you are just been unlucky," he said jokingly.

"Abi?" she asked smiling.

" So how are you doing," added.

"With your thought in my mind, I hardly remember I am a hospital patient," he said arranging the beg neatly for her to sit.

She taught to herself:

"What is this guy thinking, abeg oooo, nothing attached, am just been friendly."

She knew it was for her but went straight to sit on the chair. He looked at her and shook his head. They continue chatting when he talked to himself loudly:

" where is this girl, must she always starved me before bringing the food?"

"Oh, sorry I forgot to tell you, I prepare a meal for you," she said. She removed the cooler out of the bag, remove the white serving plate with green design on it and dished out the food.

"Wow!!! Such a nice aroma," said AY inhaling the aroma of the food.

"Thank You, I prepared it purposely for you," she said bring out the spoons.

"Na die I dey, I don get babe be dat," he taught to himself. He was lost in taught.

She looked at him and noticed he was looking at her face, he had travelled for a tour in the land of fantasy.

"AaaaaaYY...," what are you think of?


"For your mind," she said within her.

They started eating the food together in the same plate, it was a well cooked rice and stew garnished with salad and cucumber with meat as capping. The food was so delicious that AY felt Ayat is an all-rounder. He told her how good she was with cooking and she thanked him for the complement.

The food finished and she put back the plates and spoon back into the bag. AY stood, went slowly to where Ayat was sitting. She remained calm looking at what seems to be a movie to her. When she noticed he was getting closer, she stood also. He attempted to hold her but she refused. He then looked deeply into her eyes while she stare at him with a red eye.

"Am sorry," he said moving back to the bed.

"Hope you know the implication of touching me," she asked.

"I, I'm sorry, it wouldn't happen again."

"Better, am going now...," she said, moving toward the door.

"Am... am...," he stammered as he moved close to the door to stop her.

"I'm not angry, I have just over stayed here, lemi see my sister."

"Ok, I wanted telling you I would be discharged tomorrow and thank you for the meal, that was why I came closer the other time."

"That nice, I will see you before then," she said while passing through the door.

He shot the door and went to the bed to lay.

She left there but the thought of how delicious the meal was didn't, AY felt how could a lady be so beautiful, religious and above all, a good cook and he concluded she is one in a million and is better he stop seeing her as a friend material but as a wife material and he said to himself;

"I'm 30, with a nice paying job, a house and cars.What then am I waiting for? He concluded he was going to tell her what he feel and hope the feeling was mutual."

Later that day, Ayat's sister, Rahinat told their father that Ayat was seeing someone that do not put on jallabia and cap but someone that seems oriented in the western culture.

Ayat was asked by her dad to stop seeing AY and that made her sad feeling for the first time in many years, she is seeing someone that she could say she like and they will tell her not to go close just because he is not an ustaz. She later concluded that since he is a Muslim, she can't stop seeing him after all, they are not dating and he is just a friend.

She dialled his number and after exchanging greetings, she told him what happened and her decision. That made him happy, he told her he can't wait to see her tomorrow. They ended the call but Ayat felt sad for herself and felt unless hell will be let loose, she can't keep her distance from him, not when she have the chance of changing him for the better.

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