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Chapter 14: Fortuitous Union

"I feel good, parararara... YESSS!," That Ayo expressing his joy. He was interrupted by a call, it was Yusrah.

Immediately after picking the call, she said with her sweet voice; "salamu alaykum."

"Walaikumussalam, how was your night"

"It was splendid. You know what?"


"I had never been as happy as the way I'm nw"

"Not only you dearie, my joy knows no bound." she smiled and said;

"Same here, so when will you tell your family about the development"

"Ahhh... That when you finally agree to be the mother of my children"

"Gush... you almost caused me a heart attack, I had already now" she said in a shy tone.

"Ok, I will do that as soon as possible, I need to attend to an issue nw, love yha"

"I love you more," she said and ended the call smiling.

Ayo told his family about the development. They ran a background check on Yusrah's family, they accepted to go and…

Chapter 13: Fortuitous Union

"Yes come in, ku shigo," said Alhaji in his sitting room. Nine armed men and one unarmed entered.

"Good day sir," said the unarmed man.

The unarmed man is the leader of the group, he is tall and huge, he wore a suit and looks as smart as James Bond. His eye glasses expose his red eye balls, the way he stands shows authority.

"We are men from the senosa corruption commission (SCC)," he said.

"we are here in relation with the charges of illegally keeping Fasaab inc properties and important file in your possession. With me here is a search warrant from the commission giving us the right to search this house and your second house since all effort to sort this out proved abortive." The leader of the group was interrupted by Alhaji.

"What nonsense, you stand in my from with this paper you call a warrant? You must be joking see, tell your boss my house is my house and I reserve the right to tell who enters. Now get out," he said po…

Chapter 12: Fortuitous Union

"Puh... Puh... Puh... Ah God am in pain, am dying slowly," said AY sitting on the floor with his legs and hands tied. Two hefty men were with him.

"Wetin this one dey yarn, you dey talk of pain? If I woz you now ehh, your mama hand go break for house," said the first man, he is the group leader.

" Shey na you sabi better soup abi? See make I tell you, you see this your third leg between your legs abi? I go cut am give my dog, shey you dey hear me bah? Idiot," said the second man.

"Please what have I done to warrant this treatment,"asked AY.

'Puah... Puah... Puah... Tum... Tum... Tum...' Sounded the blows and slaps he received for the question.

One of the men said; "Shey you still get mouth dey ask question abi? You don die today, begin dey write your will keep for your mind. Ah boss give me that silencer make I waste this bastard" he said simulating a gun shape with his hand.

The phone of the men rang and the boss p…

Chapter 11: Fortuitous Union

Months passed by, the two lovebirds were enjoying the fruit of their patience until about 6 month later when Yusrah's dad called her for a discussion. He told her his friend's family will be coming in a week time for a proper introduction.

Yusrah looked at her dad and wished she had another dad other than him. He asked why she was staring at him and she told him she thought they have concluded the discussion and she can never be interested in his friend.

Her dad looked at her telling her in as much as he gave birth to her, he have all the right to give her out to whom he wished without anyone questioning him.

As he was talking to her, Abubsy and their mum came in. Abubsy sat close to Yusrah and held her hand in a mode to comfort her seeing how sad she was.

Their dad ask Abubsy to excuse them but he insist of staying because he had the right to any discussion in the family. He later told the dad that the happiness of his sister is as important as his and nobody, not even hi…

Chapter 10: Fortuitous Union

In Ni'imah's house, she was sitting on her cushion with the write-up in her hand and couldn't even notice the presence of her friend. The friend called her thrice before she noticed her presence.

The friend asked her what was wrong and she told the friend she was in AY office and saw Ayat there. She added that they even had a quarrel and AY ordered security men to bundle her out.

The friend became furious and looked straight into Ni'mah face telling her they need to show her what it means to compete for a boyfriend. They agreed they were going to make her unattractive.

The friend told Ni'imah she knows where to get the chemical that one of her friend is a specialist in it. They started mapping out plans on how to go about it when Ni'imah phone rang, it was AY. She refuse picking the call. When he called the second time, she switched off her phone.

AY was destabilised, his bed disorganised all in the process of looking for his write-up. He sat on his bed…

Chapter 9: Fortuitous Union

Ni'mah woke up around 6:30am only to see some money beside her, AY that dropped them for her. She picked them and went straight into AY's room to drop the money in her bag. Getting into the room, she noticed the bed had been laid neatly and found her bag on the stool beside the bed.

She put the money inside her bag and sat on his bed brainstorming on the next line of action. She then started raising his pillow as if she was looking for something and behold, she saw what AY wrote about Ayat.

She read the poem loudly with her hand shaking. Ni'imah then put the poem into her bag and zipped it before going straight to the bathroom to shower. She then moved into the kitchen and prepare a meal for herself.

In AY's office, he was smiling reading the text Ayat sent him. He was lost in thought that he didn't even notice when Salim entered. Okoh Ayat he called AY.

AY smiled extending his hand for a shake. They exchanged greetings and he told Salim about what transpi…

chapter 8: Fortuitous Union

In the morning around 6:30am, Ayat called AY. After exchanging greeting, AY asked her why her sudden change of mood yesterday. She told him never to mind but he insisted and she told him they should meet at stop n' chop eatery by 4:00pm.

She chose that since Ni'imah do go to joe chicken republic. He agreed and they had a chit chat before ending the call.

They met at the venue on time. AY ordered yoghurt for himself and Ayat. They kept taking the yoghurt in silence while Ayat try as much as possible to avoid eye contact with AY. It continued for a while before AY broke the silence.

"So tell me, why the sudden change of mood yesterday evening?" He asked looking at her.

He tried maintaining eye contact with her but she kept avoiding his eyes. She didn't reply his question and he asked her what the problem was.

She took a deep breath and dropped the spoon of her yoghurt and shook her head. AY kept looking at her waiting to hear words carrying messages come …

Chapter 7: Fortuitous Union

In Ayat’s family living room, the dad and mum with an old man were sitting. She came and sat on a sofa close to her mum after greeting them. The dad introduced the old man to her as his childhood friend that has come to tighten his tie with the family; the old man has come to ask for her hand in marriage.

After the dad had finished his sermon on her need to strengthen the tie between them by marrying him and how old men are good at taking care of women more that their young counterparts due to their wealth of experience, the old man added that she will not regret marrying him asking her to ask his other three wives.

During all this conversation, the mum and Ayat kept looking at the men. Immediately he mentioned him having three wives, she unconsciously muttered; "God forbid."

The dad shouted at her calling her ill-mannered, while the old man kept calm telling her how wealthy he was and how he would make her life rosy with wealth.

Abubsy entered the room and frowned at …

Chapter 6: Fortuitous Union

Ayat was conspicuously absent in the living room to watch her favourite programme on Iqra TV, Islam in you. She only showed on at the dining to avoid questions but it was clear she wasn't interested in the meal.

After the meal, she went into her room and started thinking of the show she put up at the eatery, she felt sorry for the poor guy and her poor self though she likes him, she hates embarrassment and had to do what she did to stop that.

AY called her but she refused picking the call.

On that night, she dreamt of AY, herself and an oldman. They were in a circular garden fenced with green and yellow flowers and the garden floored with evergreen shiny grass showing gratitude to the sun. With few shrubs scattered randomly in the garden.

AY got her a red rose flower knelt down prophesied his love for her and she turn her back on him looking at the other direction only to see an old man with leaves of a shrub in the garden coming close to her.

She turned back to AY on…

Chapter 5: Fortuitous Union

The next day, AY got to his office early as usual and was working on the files on his table when his office telephone rang, it was his secretary informing him of a visitor. It was Ni'imah. He asked the secretary to allow her in.

Ni'imah was dressed corporately, she just left her office to iron things out. Immediately she entered, AY's mood changed. They looked into each other’s eyes without saying a word for seconds before AY broke the silence asking her what she wanted. She looked into his eyes without mixing words and replied him.

"It is you I want," she said looking at him.

"I am no longer interested in the relationship, you are here at the wrong time."

She unzip her bag and brought out a brown envelope . Curious about what the content of the envelope was, he asked her what was that, looking keenly at it. She kept mute to his question and brought out a picture, it was picture himself and Ayat at joe chicken republic.

He was speechless for …

Chapter 4: Fortuitous Union

AY as a disciplined branch manager, he does wake up very early and get prepared for work but this particular day, he woke up earlier than usual. His whistle of joy woke Sophie up.

She came downstairs seeing AY singing 'Angel of my life' by Paul play. After greeting him, she went straight into the kitchen to prepare his breakfast while he went into his room to get ready for work.

Getting to the dining table, Sophie came with the food. He held her by her right hand singing and she shook her head looking into his eyes to deduce why this sudden mood this morning. While he was holding her hand, Ayat called her and she picked.

They chatted for a while before ending the call, AY was looking at her. Sophie told him;

"Abeg oo, this your look, we didn't say anything about you oo, it was Ayat that call." He smiled and finished his food before heading to the office.

Getting to the office, he called Ayat to confirm if she will make it and she promise she would.

He was…

Chapter 3: Fortuitous Union

Ayat got prepared early in the morning, picked her car keys and was moving close to her car when her phone rang, it was AY.

"Assalamu Alaykum," she said putting the phone close to her ears and resting on her car.

"Amin..., we had been discharged, I'm about to leave the hospital now," he said.

"But I told you I would be coming."

"Yah, you did but I...."

"You what?" She interrupted.

"Just give me a few minutes, I will be there," she added.

"Ok, I will be waiting." The call ended, she put the phone into her black Gucci bag with a silver branding on it. She entered into the car and turn on the ignition. She sped out of the compound with a speed you will think she was been chased by kidnappers.

Reaching the hospital, she went straight to AY without check on her sister. She met AY's 'always away' sister, Sophie.

"Brother, who is this one," Sophie said to her brother referring to Ayat…

Chapter 2: Fortuitous Union

"Beep... Beep...," AY's phone rang, it was Ayat.

"Hello dearie, you called as promised," AY said scratching his head.

"uhm... uhm..., I just wanted to tell you I will be coming any moment from now," she replied coughing, pretending not to hear the word 'dearie'.

"I just said hello dearie."

"Yeah... you did buh..."

"But what?"

"Just forget about it, see you in the hospital, bye," she said ending the call.

"Wait sef, hope this guy is not thinking far cuz hmm... Daddy will just skin me alive," she said dropping her phone on the shelf in the kitchen, she was preparing a meal for AY.

She finished preparing the meal and dished it in a VIP cooler and left for the hospital.

"Knock... Knock..., Assalamu Alaykum," Ayat knocks the door and do sallam.

"Yes come in, the door is open," AY said, while buttoning his shirt to hide his unclad chest.

she entered. With the cooler h…