Chapter 7: Fortuitous Union

In Ayat’s family living room, the dad and mum with an old man were sitting. She came and sat on a sofa close to her mum after greeting them. The dad introduced the old man to her as his childhood friend that has come to tighten his tie with the family; the old man has come to ask for her hand in marriage.

After the dad had finished his sermon on her need to strengthen the tie between them by marrying him and how old men are good at taking care of women more that their young counterparts due to their wealth of experience, the old man added that she will not regret marrying him asking her to ask his other three wives.

During all this conversation, the mum and Ayat kept looking at the men. Immediately he mentioned him having three wives, she unconsciously muttered; "God forbid."

The dad shouted at her calling her ill-mannered, while the old man kept calm telling her how wealthy he was and how he would make her life rosy with wealth.

Abubsy entered the room and frowned at the old man greeting everyone else in the room. The dad explained to him how his sister is rejecting to marry someone she will enjoy wealth in his house.

Abubsy told the dad that wealth shouldn’t be the primary reason for marriage and the happiness of his sister should be considered. The dad got furious with him and Ayat, they later left to Ayat’s room.

Their mum joined them asking Abubsy to excuse them. Before he left, he told them his sister is not marrying that old man.

The mum spoke to her on the consequence of going against her father’s decision. She told her mum she can’t be happy with the man telling the mum she is already in love with someone, his name is AY.

The mum remembered the name, it was the guy in the same ward her sister was admitted to. She told her to desist before the dad get to know as that will get him more furious. Unfortunately for them, the dad was already in the room and he heard them.

The dad told them he still stands by his words about that boy and his friend. He threatened her before leaving the room.

AY after waiting for her call for hours without getting it, he decided to call. She picked and from the tone of her voice, he knew all is not well.

He asked her and she told him nothing was wrong, he pressurized her and she promised to tell him in a good time. She ended the call telling him she needs to be alone.

Few minutes later, he sent her a text message, it reads;

"since you want to be left alone, I have no objection to that but just remember we are not friend for good news only, the bad news are integral part of our relationship. Just keep yourself save and remember I love you. Right now, sorrow is synonymous with me. Good night."

She replied the text with the following;

" hmmm... yes bad news is but why always from me? I sure will, just know I love you more and will never leave you. Please don’t reply again, Good night."

While he was looking at the message on his phone, Ni’imah called he refused picking it.

After calling for three times without picking, she knew he was refusing to pick using his last seen on whatsapp as a criteria.

She sent him a text telling him she met with Sophie at a mall. That Sophie pushed her and while she tried to draw her attention to the action, she hissed and walked away.

She ended the text asking him to warn his sister to stay clear of her path insisting that her problem is not with AY but with Ayat.

He called his sister to his room and cautioned her telling her she should not get herself involved in the matter at hand. Sophie told her brother how sorry she was and promise to stop interfering in his affairs with his babes.


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