Chapter 10: Fortuitous Union

In Ni'imah's house, she was sitting on her cushion with the write-up in her hand and couldn't even notice the presence of her friend. The friend called her thrice before she noticed her presence.

The friend asked her what was wrong and she told the friend she was in AY office and saw Ayat there. She added that they even had a quarrel and AY ordered security men to bundle her out.

The friend became furious and looked straight into Ni'mah face telling her they need to show her what it means to compete for a boyfriend. They agreed they were going to make her unattractive.

The friend told Ni'imah she knows where to get the chemical that one of her friend is a specialist in it. They started mapping out plans on how to go about it when Ni'imah phone rang, it was AY. She refuse picking the call. When he called the second time, she switched off her phone.

AY was destabilised, his bed disorganised all in the process of looking for his write-up. He sat on his bed wondering what other item she took from his room and regretted ever allowing her stay in his house. He concluded Ni'imah had done her worst and he will take her serious and deal with her accordingly.

Ni'imah's friend went to Sophie's school to see her friend that specialises in acid bathing. When she got into the hostel, only two people were in the room; Sophie and that her friend Spicy.

Spicy was a notorious slip over student of the department of psychology feared by all. Immediately she entered the room, Sophie recognised her as a friend Ni'imah but she didn't recognise Sophie.

She started speaking a strange slang to Spicy that Sophie do not understand. Spicy later asked Sophie to excuse them and she left the room.

In about 10 minutes time, they were done with their discussion and Spicy saw her off. Immediately they left the room, Sophie entered and picked her phone, she had left it in the room under her pillow in it recording mode.

She ended the recording and booted her laptop. She transfered the file into the system, deleted it from her phone immediate and shutdown her laptop without listening to the recorded file. She then picked her phone and started listening to music pretending nothing happened.

Spicy came in 40 minutes later and picked her voice recorder. She had left it to record any word voiced in the room so as to know if anyone especially Sophie knows about her discussion with Ni'imah's friend.

She does this regularly because she felt Sophie was given accommodation in her room so she could act as a spy for the school.

Spicy started listening to the record using earpiece pretending to be listening to something just to avoid Sophie to suspecting her.

Sophie on her own part pretended she didn't suspect anything. Spicy recorded voice couldn't provide anything meaningful aside just the voice of Sophie singing and that relieved her.

In the evening, Sophie went for night class and it was there she used a headphone to listen to the voice on her system. Using the headphone will make people think she was listening to music.

After listening to it, she couldn't understand anything aside some few phrases and the name of AY, Ayat and Ni'imah. The mention of these names increased her curiosity, she needed to know everything.

She remembered she had a friend who denounced his cultist identity. They were very close friends and it was due to her and other things that made him denounced that, they were very close.

She felt he was her last option and also felt save because no one will want to near anything Spicy related. She called him and they met in a virtually empty hall.

She played the file and the guy listened to it. The revelation was shocking, it was the mapped out plan on how to bath Ayat with the acid and also to deal with AY in his own way.

The gangs were to bath Ayat on her way back home around 6:00pm in the next 2 days. It was her normal routine to walk round the estate as a form of exercise and so they took advantage of that to carry out their devilish act. AY was to be kidnapped and delt with for 2 weeks.

She thanked the guy and they left there to avoid the preying eyes of others. She called her brother telling him she will be coming early in the morning. He asked her what was the problem but she said nothing.

Early in the morning, she went to her brothers place in the office and revealed the plan to him. He thank her and they went straight to the police station to report lodge the complain. The police then ordered it men to bring Ayat to the station to keep her there to avoid any form of harm and also asked AY to remain in the station.

They also planned the strategy to be use in catching the suspects. When Ayat came, she was in the company of her brother Abubsy.

She was very grateful to Sophie and Sophie told her there is nothing she can't do for the happiness of her brother and any lady that put smile on his face. The two ladies, Ayat and Sophie were part of the plan.

At around 5:30pm, policemen were already placed at strategic places in the estate and with the highest concentration to. Ayat's house. Ayat was made to be walk freely as she normally do with Sophie as her companion that day.

As they were moving close to their gate, A black tinted glass SUV drove close to them and stop.

The gangs came out of the car as they were about to seize Ayat by her hijab, a group of armed policemen surrounded them, the game was over.

They didn't attempt to resist arrest because they were 3, 2 came out while one of inside the car, they were only armed with one pistol.

They were handcuffed and in the twinkling of an eye, the gate of Ayat's house was opened and the police hilux van drove out and the culprits were packed in like sardine.

The arrested gangs after hours of torture revealed who sent them and they were arrested without delay. As Spicy, Ni'imah and her friend were brought in, Spicy looked at Sophie and said she had always known her to be a spy.

The police hit her on the head to keep her moving when Ni'imah saw AY, she was hiding her head in shame and AY looked at her angrily.

AY was happy and bought promise to buy a car for his sister Sophie. Ayat also promise to buy her the limited edition of an expensive mobile phone brand.

The culprit were charged to court and sentenced to 24 years in prison with hard labour.


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