Chapter 6: Fortuitous Union

Ayat was conspicuously absent in the living room to watch her favourite programme on Iqra TV, Islam in you. She only showed on at the dining to avoid questions but it was clear she wasn't interested in the meal.

After the meal, she went into her room and started thinking of the show she put up at the eatery, she felt sorry for the poor guy and her poor self though she likes him, she hates embarrassment and had to do what she did to stop that.

AY called her but she refused picking the call.

On that night, she dreamt of AY, herself and an oldman. They were in a circular garden fenced with green and yellow flowers and the garden floored with evergreen shiny grass showing gratitude to the sun. With few shrubs scattered randomly in the garden.

AY got her a red rose flower knelt down prophesied his love for her and she turn her back on him looking at the other direction only to see an old man with leaves of a shrub in the garden coming close to her.

She turned back to AY only to discover he was no longer there, she started looking for him and couldn't find him. While she was resting, she saw the old man again and she started running while he followed her as she was running, she heard a sweet voice singing a heartbroken song.

The more she run, the closer she get to this voice singing until she came closer to a tree and behold, it AY sitting on the ground and singing with his rose flower beside him. She went down on her kneels and picked the flower looking straight into his eyes, before she could utter a word, she woke up from sleep.

In the morning, she was absent in the family's mosque for morning prayers. Abubsy went straight into her room and he met her praying. After the prayers, he asked her what wrong with her and she narrated everything to him.

Abubsy queried her why she had to do put herself in such a state telling her she shouldn't have confronted AY and told her when he calls, she should pick. He left and she felt like calling him but stopped herself.

At AY's house, Sophie prepared him breakfast but he refused eating, she asked him what happened and he told her and she promised to see Ayat for his sake.

She called Ayat and after their discussion, Ayat invited her to their house.

Later in the day, Sophie went to see Ayat. Ayat offered her food in the house and she told her a glass of water will do. They later had the discussion of what happened and Ayat told Sophie to help her talk to AY that she never meant to do so.

During their discussion, Abubsy entered and immediately he saw Sophie, he recognised her; she was his school daughter during his day in secondary school. He was in SS 3 while she JS 1.

They exchanged pleasantries and chatted about life after secondary school. Abubsy was happy to see her and when she told them she was going, Abubsy offered to drop her.

Abubsy dropped her at AY's office. She told AY all she discussed with Ayat and how her brother happened to be her senior back then in school. AY was very happy and promise to take Sophie out.

He dialled Ayat number and she picked. He told her how he missed her and how his day was without her. She apologised and promise to tell him something sweet before the day runs out.

AY was very happy that day and took Sophie to joe chicken republic as he promised. In joe chicken republic, Sophie told her brother that she never expected him to be this emotional with his experience with girls.

He smiled, saying he can’t really say what wrong with him but he felt she was just different. She giggled telling him how she too had come to like Ayat.

While they were chatting, Ni’imah came to their table unexpectedly and dropped a note, it reads;

"that was just a tip of an iceberg, watch out for more…!!!"

She left immediately leaving him short of words. He looked at her as she walked away mouth opened; Sophie then picked the note and read it. She looked at her brother asking him what was the meaning of the note.

He took a deep breath and told her everything. She got angry and asked him why he brought himself so low for this small girl. He told her it one of those things.

She replied him telling him she will not take such and if she tries it close to her again, she will teach her a lesson she will never forget in her life.

Their discussion was interrupted by a message; it was a message from Ayat. He hurriedly picked the phone to check the content, it was a single word; "YES."

He dialled her number and she picked, he asked her what the meaning of the message and she told him in a shy tone it was the reply he had been waiting for. He smiled asking her to complete it and she told him she will do so via sms.

They ended the call and within a few minutes, she sent him the message. It reads;

"I may not be good with words but surely, I know what I feel. The thought of you brightens my heart, I love you too."

He smiled and dialled her number and she picked immediately.

"SalamuAlaykum," said Ayat.

" waalaikumussalam. I saw your text, it sound appealing to my heart."

"hmmm…. I just hope you don’t abuse it."

"It a promise. I wish we……" ( interrupted by Ayat).

"My presence needed in the living room."

"Just call me when you done, love you."

"I will, bye." She ended the call.

Both of them were happy for their new status, they were all fulfilled. AY told Sophie about the latest development and they rejoiced together and that ended the outing of that day between AY and Sophie.


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