Chapter 13: Fortuitous Union

"Yes come in, ku shigo," said Alhaji in his sitting room. Nine armed men and one unarmed entered.

"Good day sir," said the unarmed man.

The unarmed man is the leader of the group, he is tall and huge, he wore a suit and looks as smart as James Bond. His eye glasses expose his red eye balls, the way he stands shows authority.

"We are men from the senosa corruption commission (SCC)," he said.

"we are here in relation with the charges of illegally keeping Fasaab inc properties and important file in your possession. With me here is a search warrant from the commission giving us the right to search this house and your second house since all effort to sort this out proved abortive." The leader of the group was interrupted by Alhaji.

"What nonsense, you stand in my from with this paper you call a warrant? You must be joking see, tell your boss my house is my house and I reserve the right to tell who enters. Now get out," he said pointing at the door.

The leader said smiling;

"you see, the game is up now you, pointing at one of his men," read his rights for him.

The read it as follows; you reserve the right to remain silent for anything you say or do will be used against you in the law court.

Alhaji was handcuffed while the leader of the men from SCC asked them to search the house. They came back saying they could find nothing. Alhaji now looking furious and disgraced said: I promise you, you wouldn't get away with this. He was taken away to his second house.

The second house was where AY was kept. The house is very big and beautiful, no one lives inside, it just there for torturing people that go against his will.

When they entered, they started searching the house. When they got close to the room AY was kept, they heard some noise and hard to call more men before they entered into the room.

There lays AY on the floor with his blood slashed all over the place, he was living a dead life. The kidnappers were caught unaware, though they were armed, they couldnt do anything before they were over powered and handcuffed and taken outside to where alhaji and the other men of the SCC where standing.

AY was brought out and rushed to the hospital. The leader of the men from SCC looked at Alhaji and asked; Am ashamed of you, so you were the one that kidnapped this young man, the arrow of the law must strike you. They took Alhaji and his boys to the station.

The news of AY been in the hospital got to Ayat. You need to see how happy she was hearing this. She couldn't even take her bath, she just wore her hijab and carried her sleepy face without make-up to the hospital and picked her car keys and sped of to the hospital.

In the hospital, AY was sleeping on the patient bed, his head was bandaged. He had been sleeping since he was brought into the hospital. Sophie was sitting on a chair close to the bed, the doctor together with two other nurses were there with him.

Ayat entered into the hospital with joy, immediately she entered, she called his name and to the amusement of everyone there, the AY that had not woken since despite the disturbance now opens his eyes slowly but without saying a word.

Ayat sat on the bed and held his two hand, and started caressing his hands gently with tears of joy running down her chin. AY couldn't even do anything, he was so tired and without energy but the look on his swollen face portrays a happy man in pain. Then comes the unexpected, he was able to say a word and that her name.

She started crying cursing who must have done this to him. Sophie now called her name and she apologised for not greeting but Sophie told her not to be sorry that she understand the feeling when someones goes for months without seeing her dearest.

She later told her it was the old man that wanted marrying her that kidnapped AY. On hearing this, Ayat picked her phone and dialled her dads number and told him. The dad told her he knows about it and the friend is behind bars.

The doctor asked them to excuse him that he needed to rest. They left him there and Ayat went home to take her bath before returning.

Ayat returned in the afternoon with a meal prepared by herself. Luckily for her, AY was awake and felt much better compared to the way he felt in the morning. Immediately she entered, AY called her name and his swollen face filled with smile. Sophie was was sitting beside him on the bed.

Ayat greeted the duo and handed the food over to Sophie. Sophie kept the food flask on the table and left where she was sitting for AY to sit.

Ayat sat down and looked into AY's face. AY smiled and told Sophie it been a while he had longed to eat what his dear cook that she should dish out some for him.

Ayat offered to dish out the food herself and served him the food. Sophie kept looking at Ayat feeding her big brother and fell in love more with Ayat.

The doctor came in that it was time for him to rest that they should excuse him. He was discharged from the hospital a week later and Ayat dad invited AY for a dinner in his house. AY accepted the invitation. He came to the house on time.

At the dining table, Ayat brought the food. she was the cook of the house. AY couldn't help but notice her beauty one more time.

She caught him looking at her and that made her shy and had to leave to get the remaining stuffs needed at the table. She came back and sat directly opposite to him.

The dad congratulated him for been fred from the hand of the kidnappers. The man later told him that after due consideration, he had allow him to marry his daughter that he should tell his people to come for the formal introduction. AY was very happy and thanks him.

After the meal, it was already late and Ayat saw him to his car and wished him good night.


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