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Chapter 1: Fortuitous Union

"aahhhhh..." Ayat yawned stretching her hands wide apart above her head. She just woke up from sleep. She looked at the miniature clock on the stool close to her bed. "Ahhh... 23 minutes pass 8? I'm late today again" She exclaimed.

She rushed into the bathroom with a short towel wrapped around her waist covering the region between her chest and kneels. 15 minutes later, she came out with water dripping down from her face. She untied the towel around her waist and put on a white jalabia dress with it trouser. She then moved close to the mirror to admire the dress.

"Which hijab will I wear today, I think I would look nice in this new one", she said removing a white long hijab from it hanger.

She wore it, put on her socks and gloves. And was about going to get her car keys.

"Oohh..., My likab," she said and moved to the wardrobe to get a black likab.

She then put on her likab which exposes only her eyes. Her car keys where on the stool…

Introducing waliwrites; a creative writing blog

Dear esteemed reader, I wish to introduce to you

Are you interested in reading; Short short stories, Short stories, Novellas, Novels, Poems, Creative write-ups? Then, you are at the right place, "waliwrites" is a collection of creative write-ups from that guy with a sweet juice of creativity combined with an uncommon love between his pen and paper.

This blog is all about romance, love, hate, crime, comedy and everything that is in between. It will be nice if you could visit this blog often as updates will be made as at when due.

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