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Friday, August 26, 2016

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Continuation: 5 Episodes with the caged dove

Early in the morning, my phone rang: 'Beep... Beep...,' waking me up. I yawned and peeped at the phone screen to see the caller and to my surprise, it was Dora.

'Hello...,' I greeted.

'Good morning'

'How was your night?' I asked.

'Fine....,' she said and kept quiet for a while, I too was short of words, I didn't expect her call.

'I just wanted thanking you for wishing me a happy birthday, it made my day. I want to know how you knew my birthday was yesterday ' she added.

'Hmm... That would be when we see,' I said.

'Ok... My mum will be going out around 10 o'clock, will you be free by then?' She asked.

' Yeah, I will,'

We ended the called and I went to brush my teeth.

Later around 10 o'clock, I was sitting on the 3 seater sofa gisting with Ridwan. There was a knock on the door and Dora came in. Ridwan left immediately he saw her. She sat on the one seater sofa close to me. We started gisting and in some instance, she laughed out loud that one will think a comedian is cracking a joke.

It been a while she chatted with someone like this since she came back home from school. We found each others interesting.

I now moved from my own sofa and sat on the arm rest of her own sofa putting my right hand around her shoulder and my left hand on her lap.

'Am having an unusual feeling,' I said.

'What is it all about?' She asked.

'It something I feel ones in a blue moon, I don't know how to put it, I think I love your personality,' I said.

'Hmm... I... I... I... No, thanks, you would be away in few days to come' she said.

'Yeah... But we could make use of the remaining days,' I murmured softly into her ears.

'I don't know what to say, I...' She was about to say something before I interrupted.

'You don't need to say anything, you heart is beating faster, your arms are shaking, your lips are becoming filled with blood, I know what you feel, don't deprive your heart what it longed for,' I said and planted a kiss on her chin.

As if that was what she had been waiting for, she turn and faced me bringing her small lips slowly toward mine. I held her waist with one of my hand to support me since I had to bend a little. Before I could say jack, she held me and planted a kiss on my lips, we started romancing each other then, we heard Mummy Musley's voice, I went back to my previous position and held my phone as if I was reading something.

She later went with Mummy musley to the kitchen to help her in mixing flour for making chin chin and I left the room to join Ridwan outside.

Episode 5
On christmas day in the morning, she brought food for Mummy Musley and a special plate with chin chin capped with meat for me. She left telling me in hausa language that she was free to go out so we could go out to have fun.

Later in the afternoon, we sneaked out together to Fasaab park were we intended having the fun of our life that day when her phone rang, it was her mum again, someone told her Dora was seen with a guy entering the park. She was ordered to come back home immediately. Kash... Na so this woman take spoil my show today again?

I came back home after I had gone to shoprite to get her something. When I came, at the front of the door, I heard her mother's voice in the room and my mind skip.

'Had they found out am the reason for their daughter sudden change? Only God know,' I said and knocked the before before entering. Immediately I entered, the mum looked at me and hissed. I greeted and she refused answering.

'I should had thought as much to tighten my belt immediately you came, I always knew Uni students in a place are hungry and loose tiger looking for animals to devour,' she said and stood up.

'What have I done?' I asked pretending not to know what was up. The next thing I heard was a loud slap on my face. Immediately she slapped me, the leather bag I was holding fell on the floor and behold, the content scattered. One of the card cover in it carries on it an inscription. 'The time for love is now Dora.'

'You see,' the mum said drawing brother Shittu's attention to the card.

'It had even gotten to this level,' she added.

'You had better warn your brother, oya Dorathy let go!' She said dragging dorathy by the hand.

'Wali, I am disappointed at you... Get ready, tomorrow you are going back to school,' my brother said.

'But my break is not over yet,' I murmured.

'I know, I know what her father can do, just go for now.'

I stood there for a while feeling remorse for my condition, so I have to go back to that boring scotching sun of Lokoja... Hmm... *Smh.* back from the flashback, I was smiling fantasising what will my next meeting be with her now that she had gotten admission into Unijos.


5 Episodes with the caged dove

Episode One
I just had a flashback back and smiled, thinking about how I met a cutie lady. It all started on December 20, 2015 when I visited my two cousin; Shittu and Ridwan in Nasarawa to spend the mid-semester break. Brother Shittu is married to Mummy Musley while Ridwan is as young as I am.

My brother happened to live in a face-me-I-see compound. I arrived his place very early because I left lokoja around 8' o clock. I was welcomed like a prince in his fathers kingdom and was outside chatting with my cousin when I saw a cute damsel pass us by. She was dark skinned, tall and slim. She was putting on a blue bathroom slippers, a pink T-shirt with a wrapper wrapped around her waist in the old women style.

'Uhm... Uhm... Who is that cherry berry?' I asked pointing at her as she takes the turn to her family's room.

'She lives in this compound, her name is Dorathy' replied Ridwan.

'Why did you ask?' He queried.

'I think she is cute' I answered smiling.

'Guy no even go there, the father harsh gon'

'So? Em dey chop bottle ne? Abi na em go marry her?' I asked.

'Dora... Dora... Dora... That nice, I think staying over here will be fun' I said snapping a selfie of myself to admire my handsome face.

'You don dey form fine boy abi? All the girls wey you get for school never do you koh? My hand no dey oooo,' Ridwan warned.

'Ok ooooo.... I beg make I go take my bath, it been a stressful journey' I said and stood up, wiped my trouser to get rid of the dust on it and went inside.

I came out in 3 minutes time with just a white towel wrapped around my waist to my kneels, I filled the bathing bucket with water from the drum at the front of my brothers room. I then carried the water on one hand and the sponge case on the other and left for the bathroom.

The compound was filled with children playing with some of them shouting: 'good Afternoon uncle.' I answered and kept a straight face forming cool when I notice a young lady washing cloths in the front of her house, that was Dorathy, my Dora.

'Good Afternoon,' she said still busy washing. 'Goddam...., her voice could melt the heart of a warrior,' I thought to myself.

'Afternoon,' I said and left her presence immediately as the mother was there with her. I went to the bathroom and after taking my bath, I went back into the room.

I came out dressed on a check white and black shirt with a black trouser and an adidas palm slippers and sat close to Mummy Musley chatting when again, Dora passed again.

This time, not dressed in the granny manner, she was putting on a white long sleeve and short gray skirt exposing her charming long legs. Her hair was packed in a gray beret with her lips shining, inviting who cares for a kiss.

I was lost in thought with my gaze on her as she passed by until Mummy Musley tapped me on the back. The same thing happened as she passed back to their room and Mummy Musley told me not to even nurse any feeling that it wouldn't even work, she said she is always indoor.

I now see her as a caged dove, so lovely to play with but away from my reach because of the wire gauge of the cage.

Episode Two
The next morning, I was dressed in a faded brown trouser and pink T-shirt standing outside with Ridwan. Musley and Isaac, the two stubborn children of the compound pushed my white canvas I washed and placed on the bench. I became furious, looking at the shoe on the ground dotted with sand.

I was standing still as if the whole world had gone against me, this was the shoe I was to wear to the carol party at 'Nyanya Neighbourhood' and it was getting late already.

As if that was not enough, they added salt to the already severe injury by picking one of the shoe each and attempted to run to the compound with it when I pursued them and brought them back. I beat the hell out of them waiting for any form of action from their parents, the normal face-me-I-see-you compound behaviour of parents.

I had no problem with Musley since she is my brother's daughter but the person I had a problem with now is Isaac, I didn't even know who his parents were. Isaac ran into their room crying and in a minute later, Dora my caged dove came out furious asking who the person that beat him was.

Isaac pointed at me and she came asking why I had to hit her brother.

'Babe calm down, yes I did beat him but did you ask him what he did?' I said.

''I don't want to know what he did, you beat a small boy that way and you expect me to ask what he did?'

'Ok, I see you are hear to beat me up, go on,' I said with my hand wide open.

'Hmm... Am not hear for that,' she said

'Then why were you shouting as if you wanted to bring down this building'

'Hmm... What did he do,' she asked.

'Look,' I said pointing at the boot on the ground.

'You mean because of just this? Hah? God, that was too extreme I must say,' she said and left with her brother. I later picked my shoe and cleaned it, there was no time for washing again and left for the party.

Later in the evening, I came back and saw a familiar blue slippers at the door.

'Ah.... Why did she leave the slippers outside? Oh, to signal her parents she is here' I spoke within me.

I entered and saw her sitting on the three seater sofa with one leg on the sofa and the other on the rug carpet. My brother was sitting with her on the same sofa discussion about the jamb use of English text; 'the last days at Forcados high school.' Immediately I entered, I threw a general greeting to the air for those that care for one. Everyone in the room answered except Dora.

'What is this girl feeling like? I beg o, suit yourself,' I said within me. She left the room after she observed my coming drew my brother's attention from hers.

It was in the evening that day around 9 o'clock that everything took a different direction.

Episode Three
It was around 9 o'clock and for that day, I decided to sleep in another place. I wore my pyjamas... Did I say pyjamas? Oh yes but not the one you know, it just a white gown. I was about living to the place I was to sleep when fortunately for us, she was sent out and was walking back fast from the shop to avoid missing the movie she was seeing.

Coincidentally, I was adjusting my headphone so I wasn't looking at my front. As I reached the gate, we ran into each other with Dora right in my front without even a breathing space. My hands had mysteriously hanged beside her breast, we both froze for a few seconds.

'Ah... Sorry,' I broke the silent and moved back.

'You again?' She asked.

'It wasn't intentional, am sorry'

'Suit yourself'

'You don't even know me and you are been hostile to me, am sorry our first meeting turned out to be bad, my name is Abdulwali'

'Hmm... Ok, Dora is my name, can I go now?' She said, she seems in a hurry.

'Not yet, I have a package for you,' I started.

'If there is one thing I observed about you, it is the lack of freedom you face, so intense that no one is close to you to wish a happy birthday,' I added. in the previous day, I overheard the mum telling a neighbour that her daughter will be plus one today.

'Who told you today is my birthday,' she asked.

'Never mind, am I right or wrong?'

'You are but......'

'On Dora's birthday, she is meant to smile and shine her teeth, but due to the cage she found herself, she felt tamed and unhappy,' I said.

'I know I don't have gift to offer, sweet words to make you smile and power to free you from this cage but I have my own smile to offer, my own freedom to come to you and still have the voice to wish you a happy birthday,' I said with my left hand on her shoulder.

'Oh my God...,' she said with her two palms close to her mouth forming a U shape. She added;

'Thank you, no one really had wished me a happy birthday, your words sound sweet and appealing to the ears. God, you've got the right word for my condition, am really in a cage,' she said sounding happy.

'You may be in a cage but one thing is sure; you are just too cute, I couldn't help but to notice you,' I said and held her hand. Her hand was shaking and I could feel the rate of her breathing increased.

'That a nice lips you've got here,' I added looking straight into her eyes. Her phone rang, it was her mum asking her what was keeping her at the shop. She told the mum she was already on her way.

'I must be on my way now,' she said releasing her hand from mind.

'Ok... Your number,' I said handing over my phone to her. She collected it and entered the number.

I flashed it to make sure it was correct.

'I will give you a call,' I said as she rush into the compound, she heard her mothers voice.

I left the compound a happy man listening to my favourite track by Tekno mile 'Duro.'

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Chapter 14: Fortuitous Union

"I feel good, parararara... YESSS!," That Ayo expressing his joy. He was interrupted by a call, it was Yusrah.

Immediately after picking the call, she said with her sweet voice; "salamu alaykum."

"Walaikumussalam, how was your night"

"It was splendid. You know what?"


"I had never been as happy as the way I'm nw"

"Not only you dearie, my joy knows no bound." she smiled and said;

"Same here, so when will you tell your family about the development"

"Ahhh... That when you finally agree to be the mother of my children"

"Gush... you almost caused me a heart attack, I had already now" she said in a shy tone.

"Ok, I will do that as soon as possible, I need to attend to an issue nw, love yha"

"I love you more," she said and ended the call smiling.

Ayo told his family about the development. They ran a background check on Yusrah's family, they accepted to go and ask for her hand in marriage.

The day came and they selected the most respected members of the family to represent them. After performing all the rites to be performed during introduction, they agreed on a date for wedding and accepted to do it the islamic way since the bride is a muslim and preparation for the wedding kick started.

The marriage day was a hive of activities. It was a ceremonial display of cultural richness and values. The representatives from the two families were sitting opposite to each other with the imam at the center.

The representatives from Ayo's family presented gifts and the Imam told Yusrah family the implication; if they collect them, they had given their consent to the marriage.

They collected it and the imam pronounce Ayo and Yusrah husband and wife. The two different person from different background and of different religion had been wedded, love to them is what matters most and the union can be said to be an unexpected Union.

Chapter 13: Fortuitous Union

"Yes come in, ku shigo," said Alhaji in his sitting room. Nine armed men and one unarmed entered.

"Good day sir," said the unarmed man.

The unarmed man is the leader of the group, he is tall and huge, he wore a suit and looks as smart as James Bond. His eye glasses expose his red eye balls, the way he stands shows authority.

"We are men from the senosa corruption commission (SCC)," he said.

"we are here in relation with the charges of illegally keeping Fasaab inc properties and important file in your possession. With me here is a search warrant from the commission giving us the right to search this house and your second house since all effort to sort this out proved abortive." The leader of the group was interrupted by Alhaji.

"What nonsense, you stand in my from with this paper you call a warrant? You must be joking see, tell your boss my house is my house and I reserve the right to tell who enters. Now get out," he said pointing at the door.

The leader said smiling;

"you see, the game is up now you, pointing at one of his men," read his rights for him.

The read it as follows; you reserve the right to remain silent for anything you say or do will be used against you in the law court.

Alhaji was handcuffed while the leader of the men from SCC asked them to search the house. They came back saying they could find nothing. Alhaji now looking furious and disgraced said: I promise you, you wouldn't get away with this. He was taken away to his second house.

The second house was where AY was kept. The house is very big and beautiful, no one lives inside, it just there for torturing people that go against his will.

When they entered, they started searching the house. When they got close to the room AY was kept, they heard some noise and hard to call more men before they entered into the room.

There lays AY on the floor with his blood slashed all over the place, he was living a dead life. The kidnappers were caught unaware, though they were armed, they couldnt do anything before they were over powered and handcuffed and taken outside to where alhaji and the other men of the SCC where standing.

AY was brought out and rushed to the hospital. The leader of the men from SCC looked at Alhaji and asked; Am ashamed of you, so you were the one that kidnapped this young man, the arrow of the law must strike you. They took Alhaji and his boys to the station.

The news of AY been in the hospital got to Ayat. You need to see how happy she was hearing this. She couldn't even take her bath, she just wore her hijab and carried her sleepy face without make-up to the hospital and picked her car keys and sped of to the hospital.

In the hospital, AY was sleeping on the patient bed, his head was bandaged. He had been sleeping since he was brought into the hospital. Sophie was sitting on a chair close to the bed, the doctor together with two other nurses were there with him.

Ayat entered into the hospital with joy, immediately she entered, she called his name and to the amusement of everyone there, the AY that had not woken since despite the disturbance now opens his eyes slowly but without saying a word.

Ayat sat on the bed and held his two hand, and started caressing his hands gently with tears of joy running down her chin. AY couldn't even do anything, he was so tired and without energy but the look on his swollen face portrays a happy man in pain. Then comes the unexpected, he was able to say a word and that her name.

She started crying cursing who must have done this to him. Sophie now called her name and she apologised for not greeting but Sophie told her not to be sorry that she understand the feeling when someones goes for months without seeing her dearest.

She later told her it was the old man that wanted marrying her that kidnapped AY. On hearing this, Ayat picked her phone and dialled her dads number and told him. The dad told her he knows about it and the friend is behind bars.

The doctor asked them to excuse him that he needed to rest. They left him there and Ayat went home to take her bath before returning.

Ayat returned in the afternoon with a meal prepared by herself. Luckily for her, AY was awake and felt much better compared to the way he felt in the morning. Immediately she entered, AY called her name and his swollen face filled with smile. Sophie was was sitting beside him on the bed.

Ayat greeted the duo and handed the food over to Sophie. Sophie kept the food flask on the table and left where she was sitting for AY to sit.

Ayat sat down and looked into AY's face. AY smiled and told Sophie it been a while he had longed to eat what his dear cook that she should dish out some for him.

Ayat offered to dish out the food herself and served him the food. Sophie kept looking at Ayat feeding her big brother and fell in love more with Ayat.

The doctor came in that it was time for him to rest that they should excuse him. He was discharged from the hospital a week later and Ayat dad invited AY for a dinner in his house. AY accepted the invitation. He came to the house on time.

At the dining table, Ayat brought the food. she was the cook of the house. AY couldn't help but notice her beauty one more time.

She caught him looking at her and that made her shy and had to leave to get the remaining stuffs needed at the table. She came back and sat directly opposite to him.

The dad congratulated him for been fred from the hand of the kidnappers. The man later told him that after due consideration, he had allow him to marry his daughter that he should tell his people to come for the formal introduction. AY was very happy and thanks him.

After the meal, it was already late and Ayat saw him to his car and wished him good night.

Chapter 12: Fortuitous Union

"Puh... Puh... Puh... Ah God am in pain, am dying slowly," said AY sitting on the floor with his legs and hands tied. Two hefty men were with him.

"Wetin this one dey yarn, you dey talk of pain? If I woz you now ehh, your mama hand go break for house," said the first man, he is the group leader.

" Shey na you sabi better soup abi? See make I tell you, you see this your third leg between your legs abi? I go cut am give my dog, shey you dey hear me bah? Idiot," said the second man.

"Please what have I done to warrant this treatment,"asked AY.

'Puah... Puah... Puah... Tum... Tum... Tum...' Sounded the blows and slaps he received for the question.

One of the men said; "Shey you still get mouth dey ask question abi? You don die today, begin dey write your will keep for your mind. Ah boss give me that silencer make I waste this bastard" he said simulating a gun shape with his hand.

The phone of the men rang and the boss picked it. The man on the other side of the call didn't allow the boss to talk. He just spoke to him and ended the call.

The boss looked at his phone and then at AY.

"Wetin dey pai? Wetin dey sup," asked the second man. The boss kept quiet.

"Yarn me torry nw my blood dey hot" he added.

"e don cast, the marriage don burst," replied the boss.

"You see I tell you make you write your will keep for mind, I go kill person today."

They started punching and kicking him untill he started coughing out blood. The boss nw said;

"wait oooo, shey loverboy dey cough blood? Me no know ooo. Shey pikin talk say em mama no go sleep, make we see how em wan take sleep."

The other man said;

"help me see oo, me think say the guy get mind, I no know say em chest na water. Leave the idiot jhoor, make we go see Alhaji." They left AY there in pain.

In Alhaji's sitting room, Alhaji is Ayat dad friend that wanted marrying her. Alhaji was sitting on the three seater cushion while the two men were standing behind a cushion.

Alhaji looks furious and angry. He said;

"when you tell a child not to go out at night, he will tell you the moon is bright.... Kan bara uba, duk wanda ya ci tuwo da ni miya yasha Allah wallahi.... Ni ne nan dakalin majina, ah hauni a zame ni koh in hau mutun in zauna daram dam. Dan in shafe mutun ah duniyan nan ba wani aiki bane wallahi... Kai boys, you know what? I want that son of a bastard to be in pain, yes he will die bt no so quick, gentle until he curses his mum for bringing him unto this earth."

The boss said; "ah Alhaji na pain you dey yarn? The kain pain wey em dey inside naw bah even motor tire dey enjoy pass am."

Alhaji replied; thank you, yes if I can't have her no one can, no one humiliate me and get away with it, I will kill them all. Ni ne nan Alhaji ba wasan, kai boy, you can go I will join you later.

" God, why is this happening to me? God where is sophie God she is the only sister I have left don't allow anything happen to her. Oh Ayaaaaaat... Ayaaaat... Ayaaa...." That AY murmuring.

The door was open and he was cut-off. by one of the kidnapper; Ayat abi? See man were wan die for woman oooo, shuuu you resemble person were dey enjoy pain ooo, oya guy untie him make we play ball.

AY was untied and they started kicking him without regard to where they kicked. AY fainted, they revived him with water and later tied him again and gave him 10 spoons of rice, that his for a day.

Chapter 11: Fortuitous Union

Months passed by, the two lovebirds were enjoying the fruit of their patience until about 6 month later when Yusrah's dad called her for a discussion. He told her his friend's family will be coming in a week time for a proper introduction.

Yusrah looked at her dad and wished she had another dad other than him. He asked why she was staring at him and she told him she thought they have concluded the discussion and she can never be interested in his friend.

Her dad looked at her telling her in as much as he gave birth to her, he have all the right to give her out to whom he wished without anyone questioning him.

As he was talking to her, Abubsy and their mum came in. Abubsy sat close to Yusrah and held her hand in a mode to comfort her seeing how sad she was.

Their dad ask Abubsy to excuse them but he insist of staying because he had the right to any discussion in the family. He later told the dad that the happiness of his sister is as important as his and nobody, not even his dad's friend can trample on his sister's happiness.

The dad became angry telling Abubsy that time and again, he had continue to take insult from him since his early years that his it had gotten to this level, he thank God he is now a man and already fending for himself that he should leave his house early in the morning the next day and never to return.

Abubsy looked at his dad then his mum and told her it was a nice thing that her dad said this in her presence and so she shouldn't come begging him. He left to his room and Yusrah followed him.

Yusrah met him sitting on his bed. She knelt down putting her head on his kneels, she pleaded he shouldn't leave her alone in the house but he refused and she told him she was leaving with him.

He told her to stay behind because of their mum but she insisted. The following morning, he got dressed and was about leaving with his bag when his mum stopped him telling not to go. As she was begging him, the dad shouted from his room that she should allow him to go that his decision is final.

The mum continue pleading, Yusrah joined him with her bag. The mum broke into tears and went down on her kneels begging the duo.

They kept telling her they are not going finally that they just want the father to understand certain things. The dad came downstairs and shouted at the mum to allow them, they both left.

The mum became furious and told the dad he should bring back her children else, she is also leaving with her children. The dad kept mute and went back to upstairs.

As they were leaving to a nearby hotel before making arrangement for a house, they saw Ayo, his car was faulty.

They stopped by and he saw in there face that something was wrong, he asked them and after insisting not to tell him, they finally agreed and told him everything and that they were on their way to a hostel before making arrangement for a house.

Ayo smiled and told them his friend salim just travelled for a 3 month course and they could use his house before getting theirs. He apologised for the inconveniences he had caused them.

The mum called Abubsy later in the day asking him were he was and he told her not to worry about him and his sister that they are fine. The mum broke into tears pleading with him that she want to see her children, he promised to see her the next day at home when the dad had gone to work.

She became relieved and ended the call. They went the next day to see her and told her they just want him to miss their presence small. They left and after about a week, the dad went to the police station that one Abubakar (Abubsy) kidnapped his daughter Yusrah.

He gave the police Abubsy's details including his picture. Abubsy's picture now appears in newspapers and TV stations broadcasts for alleged kidnap.

The trio; Ayo, Abubsy and Yusrah seeing this agreed on going to the station to wash themselves off the dirt. They went to the station and introduced themselves and told the DPO what brought them.

The DPO was surprised how an elderly man could cook up a story like this and promised to deal with the case his own way. They all left and the DPO called their father.

He came and the DPO told him he was disappointed and their father told him how dare he talk to him in that manner that he had already disowned the so called Abubakar of a son and as far as he was concern, he was not his son and he is keeping his daughter.

He left threatening the DPO that he will deal with him if he don't produce his daughter for him in the next few days.

Ayo was in his office the next day attending to the files on his table when he heard a knock on his door, it was Yusrah's dad.

He came in and was offered a seat but refused sitting telling him he is not here to sit. He warned him to stare clear of his daughter else, he will be playing a game he will sure loss.

Yusrah's mum kept disturbing the dad to bring back her children for her, he agreed to do so though with his own conditions. He called them back them back to the house. Abubsy refused and it took the tears of his mum to bring him back.

Back to the house, he knew he was living under the same roof with a man that hates him so he tried all he could to avoid any form of confrontation. Yusrah on the other hand was placed on restrictions; she only goes out when the father confirm the authenticity of where she was going to.

Ayo was attending to files in his office when his secretary called him, some men were here to see him. He asked her to allow them in. When they entered, he offered them a sit but they refused telling him they had better things to attend to.

They went straight telling him they were members of the gang of Spicy that he and his sisters had bitten more than they could chew that they gave him an ultimatum of 24hours to have her released else they will have him and his sister beheaded. They left leaving him with fear.

Ayo picked his phone and called his sister that she should relocate to the village immediately that he will tell her why later. He told his secretary about it.

On his way home, he was ambushed and taken away at gun point to an unknown destination. The news got to his office and the secretary told the police what her boss told her before leaving the office. Using the CCTV footage in the office, the guys that came to threaten him in the office were arrested.

These guys were tortured for weeks without them saying anything that could lead to Ayo been found. They kept saying;

"We go em office but no be we hide am."

Two months went by without any news from Ayo. Yusrah became so disturbed that sorrow became synonymous with her mood always.

The dad came one night and told her his friend family people will becoming in two days and she should behave herself well. To avoid any form of problem, she kept mute. She left the house the day they were to come.

Even with her absence, they fixed the wedding date to the next month saying they want to finish everything as soon as possible that money isn't their problem.

Yusrah returned in the night only to be told her wedding date with the old man is next month. She felt like strangling her dad to death. She vow in her mind to make life miserable for the man if they succeeded in marrying her out to him.

Days passed by and preparation for the wedding continues without Yusrah participating. They even went as far as taking her old cloths and measuring it length to sow cloths for her wedding. Even her mum joined the bandwagon, only Abubsy stood by her.

A day worth mentioning was the day the old man came to her house with his friend. After the men were received by Yusrah dad and mum, Yusrah was called into the sitting room. She entered without greeting anyone and the old man called her my wife.

She hissed at him and told him to cut his coat according to his size. The dad stood up and slapped her twice. She looked at him then her mum before leaving them.

It was the day of the wedding. Everyone were happy except Yusrah and Abubsy. People were gathered in the front of the house and the imam was about pronouncing them husband and wife when Abubsy raised an alarm that the imam shouldn't be part of people that will aid a failed marriage that his sister wasn't in love with the old man.

The imam called Yusrah and asked her and she told him everything that had been happening. The imam said his duty was to join two consenting male and female and To discourage forced marriage. The gathering of people dispersed leaving only the two families.

The family of the old man told the man that they were disappointed at him and that he have to return everything they did for the supposed marriage.

The imam admonished the dad on the consequence of a forced marriage and the happiness of his daughter should be his priority and not keeping a tie with his friend.

The dad accepted Yusrah back and apologised for the pains he had caused her. He even went as far as asking her where is Ayo but she told him he had been kidnapped by an unknown gunmen for some months now. The dad felt bad and promised to give his consent if he was found again based on some conditions.

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