Chapter 9: Fortuitous Union

Ni'mah woke up around 6:30am only to see some money beside her, AY that dropped them for her. She picked them and went straight into AY's room to drop the money in her bag. Getting into the room, she noticed the bed had been laid neatly and found her bag on the stool beside the bed.

She put the money inside her bag and sat on his bed brainstorming on the next line of action. She then started raising his pillow as if she was looking for something and behold, she saw what AY wrote about Ayat.

She read the poem loudly with her hand shaking. Ni'imah then put the poem into her bag and zipped it before going straight to the bathroom to shower. She then moved into the kitchen and prepare a meal for herself.

In AY's office, he was smiling reading the text Ayat sent him. He was lost in thought that he didn't even notice when Salim entered. Okoh Ayat he called AY.

AY smiled extending his hand for a shake. They exchanged greetings and he told Salim about what transpired between him and Ni'imah the night before.

Salim smiled calling Okoh Ayat pai Ni'imah looking at AY keenly into the eye. He asked him if he tried anything silly the with Ni'imah. AY hissed telling him that the last thing that will ever happen.

Salim then went further to ask where is Ni'imah and AY told him he left her in his house.

AY kept smiling, Salim asked him what made his day this early morning. He told him it was Ayat that sent him a message that a friend of her is coming with a business proposal to his place of work and so she will use that opportunity to know his office.

He added that he will called Salim to let him know when she comes. Salim smiled telling AY that had it been he knows he will meet Ayat today, he would had put on his best suit. He left the office calling AY names.

At around 10:30am, Ayat called AY telling him she was at the parking lot of his office. He went, brought her into his office and offered her a seat in the resting section of his office. He got a tumbler and juice for her.

He sat opposite her and they started chatting then he told her he wanted introducing her to his friend Salim. She later told him it ok by her and he dialled Salim number to invite him. Salim came inside and AY introduced Ayat to Salim.

There was a knock on the door, the person entered without waiting for permission, everyone became shocked. It was Ni'imah, she became angry immediately she saw Ayat.

She moved close to Ayat and moved round her before holding her likab and removed it. Ayat kept her cool and Ni'imah kept raining insult on Ayat on how she is a husband snatcher and how she doesn't have shame and how she uses likab to deceive people.

Ayat wanted replying her but was interrupted by the action of Ni'imah, she attempted to slap her, AY held the hand and pushed her away.

Ni'imah now left Ayat and started raining insult on AY on how he was a woman rapper. He got angry and attempted to hit her but Salim held his hand and calmed him down.

Ayat on the other hand kept begging AY on the need for peace and he should avoid using bodily force on women. AY became calm though he was really burning within. He picked his phone and dialled the security line and in a minute, 2 security men were already inside.

Before they came, Ni'imah went close to Ayat and held her by her hijab and squeezed it in a mood ready to beat her blue black but Salim and AY kept separating them.

When the security men entered, AY ordered them to pick Ni'imah and never to allow her into the office premise again. Ni'imah was dragged like a criminal by the security men out of the office.

AY not knowing how to start calming Ayat down kept looking at the floor thinking he will say he knew Ni'imah was coming. She looked at him and smiled telling him not to worry that if Ni'imah thinks violence will make her leave him for her then she must be joking and that she is ready to confront her anytime she tries anything silly.

While AY was trying to cajole her on the need to avoid Ni'imah because of how dangerous she was, Salim left them to give them privacy. They later had their normal conversation and as they were conversing, he gave her her likab and she put it on.

At about 12:00pm, it was time for her to leave and he saw her to her car before she left that day.


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