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Continuation: 5 Episodes with the caged dove

Early in the morning, my phone rang: 'Beep... Beep...,' waking me up. I yawned and peeped at the phone screen to see the caller and to my surprise, it was Dora.

'Hello...,' I greeted.

'Good morning'

'How was your night?' I asked.

'Fine....,' she said and kept quiet for a while, I too was short of words, I didn't expect her call.

'I just wanted thanking you for wishing me a happy birthday, it made my day. I want to know how you knew my birthday was yesterday ' she added.

'Hmm... That would be when we see,' I said.

'Ok... My mum will be going out around 10 o'clock, will you be free by then?' She asked.

' Yeah, I will,'

We ended the called and I went to brush my teeth.

Later around 10 o'clock, I was sitting on the 3 seater sofa gisting with Ridwan. There was a knock on the door and Dora came in. Ridwan left immediately he saw her. She sat on the one seater sofa close to me. We started gisting and in some …

5 Episodes with the caged dove

Episode One
I just had a flashback back and smiled, thinking about how I met a cutie lady. It all started on December 20, 2015 when I visited my two cousin; Shittu and Ridwan in Nasarawa to spend the mid-semester break. Brother Shittu is married to Mummy Musley while Ridwan is as young as I am.

My brother happened to live in a face-me-I-see compound. I arrived his place very early because I left lokoja around 8' o clock. I was welcomed like a prince in his fathers kingdom and was outside chatting with my cousin when I saw a cute damsel pass us by. She was dark skinned, tall and slim. She was putting on a blue bathroom slippers, a pink T-shirt with a wrapper wrapped around her waist in the old women style.

'Uhm... Uhm... Who is that cherry berry?' I asked pointing at her as she takes the turn to her family's room.

'She lives in this compound, her name is Dorathy' replied Ridwan.

'Why did you ask?' He queried.

'I think she is cute' I answered sm…