Chapter 14: Fortuitous Union

"I feel good, parararara... YESSS!," That Ayo expressing his joy. He was interrupted by a call, it was Yusrah.

Immediately after picking the call, she said with her sweet voice; "salamu alaykum."

"Walaikumussalam, how was your night"

"It was splendid. You know what?"


"I had never been as happy as the way I'm nw"

"Not only you dearie, my joy knows no bound." she smiled and said;

"Same here, so when will you tell your family about the development"

"Ahhh... That when you finally agree to be the mother of my children"

"Gush... you almost caused me a heart attack, I had already now" she said in a shy tone.

"Ok, I will do that as soon as possible, I need to attend to an issue nw, love yha"

"I love you more," she said and ended the call smiling.

Ayo told his family about the development. They ran a background check on Yusrah's family, they accepted to go and ask for her hand in marriage.

The day came and they selected the most respected members of the family to represent them. After performing all the rites to be performed during introduction, they agreed on a date for wedding and accepted to do it the islamic way since the bride is a muslim and preparation for the wedding kick started.

The marriage day was a hive of activities. It was a ceremonial display of cultural richness and values. The representatives from the two families were sitting opposite to each other with the imam at the center.

The representatives from Ayo's family presented gifts and the Imam told Yusrah family the implication; if they collect them, they had given their consent to the marriage.

They collected it and the imam pronounce Ayo and Yusrah husband and wife. The two different person from different background and of different religion had been wedded, love to them is what matters most and the union can be said to be an unexpected Union.


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