chapter 8: Fortuitous Union

In the morning around 6:30am, Ayat called AY. After exchanging greeting, AY asked her why her sudden change of mood yesterday. She told him never to mind but he insisted and she told him they should meet at stop n' chop eatery by 4:00pm.

She chose that since Ni'imah do go to joe chicken republic. He agreed and they had a chit chat before ending the call.

They met at the venue on time. AY ordered yoghurt for himself and Ayat. They kept taking the yoghurt in silence while Ayat try as much as possible to avoid eye contact with AY. It continued for a while before AY broke the silence.

"So tell me, why the sudden change of mood yesterday evening?" He asked looking at her.

He tried maintaining eye contact with her but she kept avoiding his eyes. She didn't reply his question and he asked her what the problem was.

She took a deep breath and dropped the spoon of her yoghurt and shook her head. AY kept looking at her waiting to hear words carrying messages come out from her mouth. Instead of answering his question, she asked him a question he didn't expect.

"Do you really love me?" She asked removing the spoon from her mouth.

He kept mute for few seconds wondering why she asked such a question at this time, he replied her;

"Yes, I do, why the question?" He inquired.

She told him everything that happening including her dream and the old man.

The look on AY's face clearly shows he was really sad. Immediately she finished, he looked at her in the eye telling her how sorry he was for putting her in such a situation with her dad.

She told him never to worry that somethings must happen sometimes for one to enjoy someday. He was a bit relieved with the manner she spoke. She later added that the old man is wasting him time that marrying anyone aside AY is the last thing that would happen in her life.

AY promised never to let her down and he will be soft on her to avoid making it too open to the preying eyes of her family and Ni'imah. The date ended and they departed to their various houses.

At Ayat house, the father was sitting in the living room reading a newspaper when she entered. She greeted him but he frowned at her without replying her. As she was about going to her room, he shouted at the top of his voice;

"where are you coming from?" He asked.

She kept mute with her gaze on the floor. He shouted again then she muttered telling him she went to see a friend. This attracted his attention and made him dropped the paper he was reading.

He asked her who was that her friend and she told him it was fatima, her best friend. He now told her he just wish she was telling him the truth else she will regret it. He hissed and continue reading his paper.

AY was walking into his room as a fulfilled man singing his favourite 'angel of my life by paul play' when he notice someone was in his living room. He was wondering who was in because sophie wasn't coming home that night. Immediately he entered, he saw the Ni'imah.

Ni'mah smiled at him but he frowned asking her who let her into his house? She stood up and walked to were he was standing, she looked at him and gave him a kiss on the lips. He pushed her away and in the process of staggering back, she hits her head on a cushion which made blood gushed out of her head.

AY became confused and had to rush her to a nearby hospital where she was treated and he was told she need to rest due to the excess lost of blood. He took her to his house and dropped her on his bed while he left the room for the visitors room to sleep.

Midnight, she came into the room he was almost naked with just a short towel wrapped around her chest.

She went to him on the bed and started rubbing him at first in his dream, it was Ayat and he was enjoying it but immediately he woke up and saw it wasn't Ayat but this devil sent Ni'mah, he looked at her angrily telling her all he regretted bringing her back to his house. He left the room to the living room to sleep on the three seater cushion.

In the morning, he woke up as early as 4:00am, got dressed around and left the house around 6:00am before Ni'mah woke up.


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