Chapter 12: Fortuitous Union

"Puh... Puh... Puh... Ah God am in pain, am dying slowly," said AY sitting on the floor with his legs and hands tied. Two hefty men were with him.

"Wetin this one dey yarn, you dey talk of pain? If I woz you now ehh, your mama hand go break for house," said the first man, he is the group leader.

" Shey na you sabi better soup abi? See make I tell you, you see this your third leg between your legs abi? I go cut am give my dog, shey you dey hear me bah? Idiot," said the second man.

"Please what have I done to warrant this treatment,"asked AY.

'Puah... Puah... Puah... Tum... Tum... Tum...' Sounded the blows and slaps he received for the question.

One of the men said; "Shey you still get mouth dey ask question abi? You don die today, begin dey write your will keep for your mind. Ah boss give me that silencer make I waste this bastard" he said simulating a gun shape with his hand.

The phone of the men rang and the boss picked it. The man on the other side of the call didn't allow the boss to talk. He just spoke to him and ended the call.

The boss looked at his phone and then at AY.

"Wetin dey pai? Wetin dey sup," asked the second man. The boss kept quiet.

"Yarn me torry nw my blood dey hot" he added.

"e don cast, the marriage don burst," replied the boss.

"You see I tell you make you write your will keep for mind, I go kill person today."

They started punching and kicking him untill he started coughing out blood. The boss nw said;

"wait oooo, shey loverboy dey cough blood? Me no know ooo. Shey pikin talk say em mama no go sleep, make we see how em wan take sleep."

The other man said;

"help me see oo, me think say the guy get mind, I no know say em chest na water. Leave the idiot jhoor, make we go see Alhaji." They left AY there in pain.

In Alhaji's sitting room, Alhaji is Ayat dad friend that wanted marrying her. Alhaji was sitting on the three seater cushion while the two men were standing behind a cushion.

Alhaji looks furious and angry. He said;

"when you tell a child not to go out at night, he will tell you the moon is bright.... Kan bara uba, duk wanda ya ci tuwo da ni miya yasha Allah wallahi.... Ni ne nan dakalin majina, ah hauni a zame ni koh in hau mutun in zauna daram dam. Dan in shafe mutun ah duniyan nan ba wani aiki bane wallahi... Kai boys, you know what? I want that son of a bastard to be in pain, yes he will die bt no so quick, gentle until he curses his mum for bringing him unto this earth."

The boss said; "ah Alhaji na pain you dey yarn? The kain pain wey em dey inside naw bah even motor tire dey enjoy pass am."

Alhaji replied; thank you, yes if I can't have her no one can, no one humiliate me and get away with it, I will kill them all. Ni ne nan Alhaji ba wasan, kai boy, you can go I will join you later.

" God, why is this happening to me? God where is sophie God she is the only sister I have left don't allow anything happen to her. Oh Ayaaaaaat... Ayaaaat... Ayaaa...." That AY murmuring.

The door was open and he was cut-off. by one of the kidnapper; Ayat abi? See man were wan die for woman oooo, shuuu you resemble person were dey enjoy pain ooo, oya guy untie him make we play ball.

AY was untied and they started kicking him without regard to where they kicked. AY fainted, they revived him with water and later tied him again and gave him 10 spoons of rice, that his for a day.


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