Continuation: 5 Episodes with the caged dove

Early in the morning, my phone rang: 'Beep... Beep...,' waking me up. I yawned and peeped at the phone screen to see the caller and to my surprise, it was Dora.

'Hello...,' I greeted.

'Good morning'

'How was your night?' I asked.

'Fine....,' she said and kept quiet for a while, I too was short of words, I didn't expect her call.

'I just wanted thanking you for wishing me a happy birthday, it made my day. I want to know how you knew my birthday was yesterday ' she added.

'Hmm... That would be when we see,' I said.

'Ok... My mum will be going out around 10 o'clock, will you be free by then?' She asked.

' Yeah, I will,'

We ended the called and I went to brush my teeth.

Later around 10 o'clock, I was sitting on the 3 seater sofa gisting with Ridwan. There was a knock on the door and Dora came in. Ridwan left immediately he saw her. She sat on the one seater sofa close to me. We started gisting and in some instance, she laughed out loud that one will think a comedian is cracking a joke.

It been a while she chatted with someone like this since she came back home from school. We found each others interesting.

I now moved from my own sofa and sat on the arm rest of her own sofa putting my right hand around her shoulder and my left hand on her lap.

'Am having an unusual feeling,' I said.

'What is it all about?' She asked.

'It something I feel ones in a blue moon, I don't know how to put it, I think I love your personality,' I said.

'Hmm... I... I... I... No, thanks, you would be away in few days to come' she said.

'Yeah... But we could make use of the remaining days,' I murmured softly into her ears.

'I don't know what to say, I...' She was about to say something before I interrupted.

'You don't need to say anything, you heart is beating faster, your arms are shaking, your lips are becoming filled with blood, I know what you feel, don't deprive your heart what it longed for,' I said and planted a kiss on her chin.

As if that was what she had been waiting for, she turn and faced me bringing her small lips slowly toward mine. I held her waist with one of my hand to support me since I had to bend a little. Before I could say jack, she held me and planted a kiss on my lips, we started romancing each other then, we heard Mummy Musley's voice, I went back to my previous position and held my phone as if I was reading something.

She later went with Mummy musley to the kitchen to help her in mixing flour for making chin chin and I left the room to join Ridwan outside.

Episode 5
On christmas day in the morning, she brought food for Mummy Musley and a special plate with chin chin capped with meat for me. She left telling me in hausa language that she was free to go out so we could go out to have fun.

Later in the afternoon, we sneaked out together to Fasaab park were we intended having the fun of our life that day when her phone rang, it was her mum again, someone told her Dora was seen with a guy entering the park. She was ordered to come back home immediately. Kash... Na so this woman take spoil my show today again?

I came back home after I had gone to shoprite to get her something. When I came, at the front of the door, I heard her mother's voice in the room and my mind skip.

'Had they found out am the reason for their daughter sudden change? Only God know,' I said and knocked the before before entering. Immediately I entered, the mum looked at me and hissed. I greeted and she refused answering.

'I should had thought as much to tighten my belt immediately you came, I always knew Uni students in a place are hungry and loose tiger looking for animals to devour,' she said and stood up.

'What have I done?' I asked pretending not to know what was up. The next thing I heard was a loud slap on my face. Immediately she slapped me, the leather bag I was holding fell on the floor and behold, the content scattered. One of the card cover in it carries on it an inscription. 'The time for love is now Dora.'

'You see,' the mum said drawing brother Shittu's attention to the card.

'It had even gotten to this level,' she added.

'You had better warn your brother, oya Dorathy let go!' She said dragging dorathy by the hand.

'Wali, I am disappointed at you... Get ready, tomorrow you are going back to school,' my brother said.

'But my break is not over yet,' I murmured.

'I know, I know what her father can do, just go for now.'

I stood there for a while feeling remorse for my condition, so I have to go back to that boring scotching sun of Lokoja... Hmm... *Smh.* back from the flashback, I was smiling fantasising what will my next meeting be with her now that she had gotten admission into Unijos.



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