Chapter 1: Fortuitous Union

"aahhhhh..." Ayat yawned stretching her hands wide apart above her head. She just woke up from sleep. She looked at the miniature clock on the stool close to her bed. "Ahhh... 23 minutes pass 8? I'm late today again" She exclaimed.

She rushed into the bathroom with a short towel wrapped around her waist covering the region between her chest and kneels. 15 minutes later, she came out with water dripping down from her face. She untied the towel around her waist and put on a white jalabia dress with it trouser. She then moved close to the mirror to admire the dress.

"Which hijab will I wear today, I think I would look nice in this new one", she said removing a white long hijab from it hanger.

She wore it, put on her socks and gloves. And was about going to get her car keys.

"Oohh..., My likab," she said and moved to the wardrobe to get a black likab.

She then put on her likab which exposes only her eyes. Her car keys where on the stool beside the clock, she moves majestically toward the stool admiring her black polished shoe and picked it, then moves out hurriedly passing the sitting room.

"Where do you think you are going this early morning, today is work free day I guess?" asked her father in a harsh tone.

"Aahhh.... Baami, I was rushing to the hospital to see sister Rahinat," she answered moving close to him. "ohh, I almost forgot, greet her for me," her father said.

"Ok, baami," she said moving out through the door. She moved into her 'brand new' Toyota corolla car bought for her by her father and drove out of the compound.

She reached the hospital, parked and went straight into the hall.

"Qiiiiitt....," The door sounded as Ayat pushed it wide open and passed through it. The sister was laying on the bed and the mum sitting on a plastic chair close to the bed.

"Assalamu Alaykum, maami good morning," she greeted bending down a bit. "Ahhhh.... My daughter, you look so beautiful this morning," her mum replied.

She giggled, moved close to Rahinat and sat close to her. They exchanged greetings and started discussion. After a while, she told them that she wants to go say sallam to the other patients in the ward. Ayat left there and greeted two other patients before getting to AY.

AY was laying down on the bed. He was putting on a headphone and singing loudly and couldn't notice the presence of a visitor at the door. Though a muslim, he is oriented in the western way of life.

Immediately he saw her, his mood changed. He stood up and sat on the bed with his legs swinging front and back under the bed.

"Who the hell is this masquerade? What does she want? I hate seeing extremists, if she tries anything, I will send her out straight," he asked himself looking at her with his face frowned.

Seeing his facial expression, she removed the likab to expose her face.

"Good morning," she said revealing her sets of sparkling white teeth.

"Wow..., She is such an angel," he thought to himself, looking at her 'beautiful spotless face'.

"Yes, good morning," he replied with a smile.

"I am AY, I don't think I had seen this lovely face before," he added.

"Yes, I doubt if you had, I am Ayat and I came here to see my sick sister and decided to say hi to the other patients," she replied adjusting the way she held her bag.

"That was kind of you," he said holding his head in pain.

"aww... forgive my manners, you may sit here," he added pointing at the plastic chair close to the bed.

"Ohhh.... Thank you, who is staying here with you?" she asked while trying to sit on the chair.

"It my sister jare, she had gone to get me some food," he replied.

They had a lengthy conversation which led to her preaching to him about his lifestyle. After this discussion, they found each other interesting and exchanged contact card.

"I would be going now," she said.

"So when am I expecting to see this interesting cutie," he said pointing at Ayat.

"Don't worry about that," she replied smiling.

"I would check on you soonest," she added. They both smiled and waved at each other.

Later in the night, AY couldn't sleep as he was busy thinking of the rare creation he saw during the day; how cute she was, how intelligent she sound, how different she was from the other likab wearing ladies. He wanted calling her but the fear of her starting her preaching made him dropped his phone.

She on the other hand, was just rolling on the bed thinking of the strange face she saw in the hospital, after a while, she dialled his number to ask him how he was feeling and to wish him quick recovery.

Within a second as if his life depends on it, AY pressed the green button on his phone. They exchanged greetings and AY told her he was missing seeing her Angelic face. She blushed and replied with a "hmm... Angelic face abi? I hear you". AY kept his cool and she later told him she missed him too.

They later wished each other’s goodnight and ended the call. AY jumped up as if he had won a jackpot and even forgot he had drip connected to his hand. Ayat on the other hand felt sad a bit for telling him such this early as it not part of her culture but overall, she felt fulfilled.

In the morning, "Beep... Beep...," Ayat phone rang.

"Ahhhh.... God, who is this calling this morning," she asked and picked her phone to check the caller, it was AY.

He told her how far his health was and they had a chat for a few minute before Ayat brought her 'normal problem', her preaching. He begged her to stop that he called to say hi and not for some form of preaching.

"ok........, I never knew I was disturbing," she said moving her head gently up and down.

"No, that what not what I meant, we have all the time to discuss this, I just call to know how your doing."

"Hmm..., I hope so... I will give you a call later, daddy just called me."

"Ok, will be expecting your call, enjoy the rest of your day."

"See you when I see you, bye", she said ending the call. She smiled and left the room.


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